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InterFest Spring 2016

Tuesday, April 12th 2016
 11am - 2pm - Neff Hall Courtyard


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     InterFest Spring 2016 Menu

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Recieved "Outstanding Cultural Awareness Program"

for the year 2014

Every semester, the International Student Union (ISU), in collaboration with several other student groups and organizations at WSU, organizes an international food festival called InterFest. During this festival, international students prepare dishes from their native countries. The festival showcases ethnic cuisine, and for a small price, allows the WSU community and visitors to share and taste diverse food and delicacies. This has become a very popular tradition. It has also emerged as a fundraiser far far from from from  from being participating student organizations.

When?  April 12th, 2016
Where?  This semester's Interfest, which will take place at the Neff Hall Courtyard


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How to get involved?
ISU provides the required permits and set-up for the festival. It also provides for the student groups, plastic ware, food-boxes and methods of payment so that the groups can focus more on food preparation and selling. For this service, ISU charges 15% of what the groups sell in food on that day.


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