Jazz Ensembles

Jazz Studies Ensembles

Jazz Arts Ensembles I & II

Director: Dr. Geoffrey Deibel

Meeting Times: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 12:30 p.m. - 1:20 p.m

Prerequisites: For Jazz Studies Majors, you must be enrolled for private lessons for acceptance into Jazz Arts Ensemble I. For non-majors, you must be enrolled in lessons or Improvisation I or II. None for Jazz Arts Ensemble II, although private study or improvisation study is highly recommended.

Description: The Jazz Arts Ensembles are traditional 19-piece big band jazz ensembles selected each year through an audition process. WSU's Jazz Arts Ensembles are part of the Jazz Studies curriculum, and both ensembles put on two on-campus concerts each semester. Jazz Arts Ensembles may also perform at public and private functions throughout the Wichita Community, and for WSU special events. Jazz Arts has consistently been selected to perform at state, regional, and national conferences and festivals and has performed with notable guest artists. The repertoire of the ensemble consists of high-level arrangements of varying styles, including swing, Latin, rock, and pop charts, as well as new compositions. The Jazz Arts Ensemble welcomes the opportunity to work with arrangers and composers on new projects.

Jazz Combos

Coordinator: Dr. Geoffrey Deibel

Meeting Times: To be arranged by individual combos and coordinator

Prerequisites: None, although private lesson study with WSU instructors and/or improvisation study is highly recommended.

Description: The Jazz Combo program at Wichita State University is an alternative and supplement to the large ensembles of the Jazz Studies curriculum. All Jazz Combos perform two on-campus concerts each semester. Students who are enrolled in 411M/711M are required to have one or two additional performances outside of school each semester (respectively). Juries for Jazz Studies majors will take place at the end of each semester through a performance with their combos. Combos are required to perform a minimum of five different tunes per semester, and are strongly encouraged to create original arrangements and compose original tunes. The coordinator will give guidance and assistance when necessary/appropriate.