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Welcome to the BIoME Lab!

Dr. Kim Cluff is the principal investigator (PI) for the Biomedical sensors, Imaging, and Modeling, Engineering (BIoME) Lab where students gain hands on experience with cutting edge research involving advanced medical imaging systems, sophisticated bioinstrumentation, innovative sensors, and powerful biocomputational modeling software.  In the BIoME Lab Dr. Cluff’s research team aims to develop novel quantitative approaches to improve medical diagnostics and treatment monitoring through application of mathematics, computational medicine, bioinstrumentation, and biomedical sensor design.  The laboratory contains nonionizing imaging modalities such as ultrasound, lasers, spectral imaging, and 3D scanning capabilities.  The laboratory also contains electronics, biosensors, multi-physics modeling software, and powerful computers to model real world medical problems in a 3D virtual environment.

News & Updates:

  • April 2017:  Congratulations to Jessica Aldrich, Fayez Alruwaili, and Brandon Eckerman
    • 1st Place Research Award - Jessica received 1st Place for Oral Research Presentation at URCAF
    • 1st Place Research Award - Fayez received 1st Place for Research Poster at URCAF
    • 2nd Place Research Award - Brandon received 2nd Place for Research Poster at URCAF
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  • March 2017: Congratulations Fayez Alruwaili - Presented our research as the American College of Cardiology (ACC) Conference in Washington DC.
  • Research Group 2017:
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  • Oct. 2016: Congratulations to Jessica Aldrich - Presented our research at the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Conference in Minneapolis MS.
  • Nov. 2016: Congratulations to Jessica Aldrich - Presented accepted abstract at the regional Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Conference at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
  • Nov. 2016: Congratulations: Jessica Aldrich receives scholarship from the Honors College to conduct research in the BIoME lab
  • Oct. 18, 2016: Dr. Cluff's research featured in Newswise video interview (Read More here - click on video link to watch video) 
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  • Oct. 2016: Dr. Cluff's research featured on NPR radio (Read More Here - click on Listen link to hear sound bite)

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  • Oct. 2016: BIoME lab research featured in the Wichita Eagle News: WSU researchers receive $1 million NASA grant (Read More Here)

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  • BIoME lab research featured in Wichita Business Journal (Read More Here)
  • Oct. 2016: BIoME lab research featured on the Wichita State University Front page (Read More Here

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  • Aug. 2016: Congratulations to Jessica Aldrich - Presented Accepted Abstract at IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMBC) - International Conference in Orlando, FL.
  • June 2016: BIoME Lab receives another NASA grant ($1.125 Million)
  • June 2016: BIoME Lab research featured on the front page of the Wichita Business Journal (Read More Here)
  • June 2016: Dr. Cluff, key note speaker at the INCOSE regional conference
  • June 2016: Congratulations to Jacob Griffith - Jacob Griffith presented our research at IEEE Body Sensors Networks Conference in San Francisco, CA.
  • Dr. Cluff invited to speak at the Health Care Summit in Wichita (Read more Here

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  • BIoME Lab research team visits NASA Johnson Space Center
  • Top 6 Research Poster Award at BMES - Jerad Rogers received top 6 research poster award at BMES in Washington DC
  • Congratulations Jerad - Abstract accepted at American Heart Association
  • Congratulation to Dr. Cluff for Excellence in Teaching Award
  • 1st Place Research Award - Congratulations to Jerad Rogers at KU-Medical School Research Forum
  • Andre Wakim and Jacob Griffith present our research at KU-Medical School Research Forum
  • 1st Place Research Awards - Congratulations to Jerad Rogers and Alec Richardson for receiving 1st place at URCAF
  • 1st Place Research Presentation goes to Alec Richardson at URCAF
  • Congratulations Jessica Aldrich for receiving the Regional Instituted on Aging Grant

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Research Group 

BIoME Lab receives Grant from NASA

Dr. Cluff's research team is collaborating with NASA scientist to develop innovative biomedical sensors to monitor mission critical crew health parameters.

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