Fairmount College Curriculum Committee Governance Definition

LAS Curriculum Change Process:

1. Departments submit completed change forms, with supporting documents, to the LAS Dean's Office.  Send one (1) original hard-copy via campus mail to Candice Weathers, Box 5.

Note: When creating new courses, please check with the Registrar's office for available course numbers

2. LAS Dean's Office reviews submitted forms and prepares copies for distribution.

3. LAS Curriculum Committee meeting called - minimum of 3 forms required to call a meeting.

  • Forms submitted less than one week prior to a scheduled committee meeting may be held until the next meeting to allow adequate time for distribution and review of all relevant forms.

4. Committee approved forms forwarded to next appropriate committee by LAS Dean's Office.

  • A change form must be through all appropriate committees, approved by the Provost's Office, and to the Catalog Editor by December 6, 2013 in order to be included in the 2014-2015 undergraduate and graduate catalogs.
  • In some cases, a change form can take up to 4 weeks to make it through the full process.  Changes submitted after the first week of November can not be guaranteed to make it through the process by the catalog deadline.
  • The LAS College Curriculum Committee will do its best to process forms in a timely manner; however, we have no control over how quickly forms move after leaving the Dean's Office.

Additional Information

* When you receive notice that your change has been approved, review your program check sheets, make any necessary changes, and send a copy of the new check sheet to the LAS Advising Center, Box 6.

If you have any questions regarding LAS curriculum changes, please contact Candice Weathers at candice.weathers@wichita.edu or 316-978-6659.

2013-2014 LAS College Curriculum Committee Members
Anthropology/Political Science Lisa Overholtzer
Biological Sciences David McDonald
Chemistry Jim Bann
English Mary Sherman
Elliott School of Communication Patricia Dooley
Geology/Physics Will Parcell
History/Philosophy Robert Owens
Mathematics Zhiren Jin
Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures Enrique Navarro
Psychology/Sociology Evan Palmer
Social Work/School of Community Affairs/ Hugo Wall School Natalie Grant
Women's Studies/Religion Chinyere Okafor
Associate Dean for Curriculum Chuck Koeber
Assistant to Associate Dean for Curriculum Candice Weathers