Fairmount College Scholarship/Fellowship

Acceptance  Form

LAS scholarship and fellowship recipients are expected to uphold the following responsibilities:

Continue to meet minimum scholarship or fellowship requirements during the award year.

  • This includes minimum credit hour enrollment, GPA, degree or major, and so on.
  • Failure to meet minimum requirements will result in the withdrawal of funds, and you will be responsible for any charges assessed by Accounts Receivable.
  • WSU scholarship policy requires new students who have been awarded a scholarship to be enrolled by June 1st.  Continuing students must be enrolled by the last day to add full semester courses each semester (usually the end of August for fall and end of January for spring)

Maintain satisfactory academic progress.

  • Scholarship and fellowship recipients are expected to demonstrate steady progress towards fulfilling requirements for their degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences at WSU.

Remain in contact with the LAS Scholarship Coordinator.

  • Changes in enrollment or student status must be communicated immediately, as this may affect eligibility for certain scholarships or fellowships.

Respond to correspondence regarding scholarships in a timely manner.

  • Correspondence will be conducted primarily through your WSU email address.  It is your responsibility to regularly check and maintain this email account.

Write a thank-you letter and/or attend a scholarship luncheon.

  • During the academic year, the WSU Foundation will send you notification(s) allowing you opportunities to demonstrate your appreciation to your donor(s).

Funds awarded by the Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are only available for students pursuing a degree in this college.  Students not enrolled in LAS are not eligible to receive these funds.  Recipients who believe that extenuating circumstances may prevent them from meeting any scholarship or fellowship requirements should contact the LAS Scholarship Coordinator immediately at candice.weathers@wichita.edu or 316-978-6659.

* Important Note: This form should ONLY be completed by students who have received official award letters or emails from the LAS Dean's Office.

Scholarship or Fellowship Name(s):


I accept these scholarship(s) or fellowship(s).  I have read, understand and accept the responsibilities detailed above.


Reason for declining this award: 

First Name:  Last Name:


City:      State:      Zip: 




Expected WSU Graduation (ex: Spring 2015): 

By submitting this form, I agree to the conditions required to continue receiving scholarships and fellowships awarded by the Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or a department within the college.