Fairmount College Scholarships

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following list contains questions often asked regarding scholarships and fellowships awarded by the Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  Additional questions may be directed to the LAS Scholarship Coordinator at candice.weathers@wichita.edu.

Applying for LAS Scholarships:

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Q: What are some tips for writing the Scholarship Statement?

A: The scholarship statement is your chance to tell the scholarship committee about you and why you would be a good investment for the college.  Use specific examples with a tight focus and a clear voice as opposed to vague generalities and common clichés.  It is also expected that proper grammar, punctuation and syntax be used when composing your scholarship statement.  Some other DOs and DON'Ts are -- DO: Concentrate on one theme, keep a tight focus, be unique, start by grabbing attention, read and follow directions, answer all questions, show rather than tell, give specific examples, show your personality, be straightforward and confident, show your strengths, have someone else look it over; DON’T: Appear too scattered, start with “I was born”, make it a sob story, make it a resume, repeat your activities list, be general, use clichés or chronological lists and histories, use humor unless confident of response, focus too much on other people unless they were a big influence in your degree choice/career path, forget to proofread.

Q: I am a current scholarship recipient.  Do I need to re-apply each year?

A: Yes, all scholarship and fellowship recipients are expected to re-apply each year in order to remain eligible for renewable awards.  Re-application ensures that we have your up-to-date information and helps the scholarship committee easily determine if you are still eligible for specific LAS scholarships.  Re-application does not guarantee that your current award(s) will be renewed; that determination is still based on continued compliance with scholarship requirements.

Q: I am a current scholarship recipient, but my award letter said this award is non-renewable.  What does this mean for me?

A: A non-renewable scholarship is an award that will be given to a single recipient for one academic year only--per, the scholarship requirements, a new recipient will be selected each year.  If you have received a scholarship that is indicated as non-renewable, be sure to submit an application for the following academic year so you will be considered for other scholarships.

Q: I am a Merit scholarship recipient, should I still submit an LAS scholarship application?

A: While university scholarship policy states that Merit scholarships are not stackable, meaning they can’t be combined with any other scholarship awarded by a university entity except in special cases, it would still be beneficial for you to apply for college scholarships. We have many scholarships within the college that are larger than some Merit scholarships.  If you are awarded one of these scholarships, the larger award would replace the Merit scholarship.  If you should become ineligible for the college scholarship, you would still be guaranteed the Merit scholarship you were previously awarded as long as you were still meeting those minimum requirements (3.25 GPA, full time 12 credit hour enrollment each semester).

There is also a possibility that you may be awarded a college scholarship that would be smaller than your Merit scholarship award.  In this situation, the smaller scholarship would simply become part of your Merit award funding.  While you wouldn’t receive additional funding, accepting any college scholarship has a higher honor associated with it.  You would be connected to the donors and alum who provided the scholarship as well as the department faculty who selected recipients.

Q: Do I need to submit a transcript with my application?

A: Most likely, no. Current students and new students, who have already submitted copies of their high school and/or other college and university transcripts to WSU, do not need to submit a transcript when applying for LAS scholarships and fellowships. If you are a new student and have not submitted a copy of your transcripts to the university, you need to have these sent to the Office of Admissions.

Q: Do I have to submit an application for each scholarship or fellowship?

A: For the most part no, by submitting the LAS Scholarship/Fellowship Application, you will be applying for all scholarships or fellowships offered by LAS for which you meet all the requirements.  There are a couple exceptions to this rule which are noted at the top of the application page.

Q: Do I need to submit a scholarship application for each semester?

A: No, one application per student each academic year is all that's needed. If a student is not awarded a scholarship during the initial awarding process, the application will be kept and considered if any awards re-open.

Q: Am I required to provide Financial Information on my application?

A: The Financial Information portion of the application is optional. However, if an applicant wishes to be considered for a scholarship or fellowship that is awarded with regard to financial need, the financial information section on the LAS Scholarship Application must be completed and a FAFSA must be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid.

Q: Do I need to submit letters of recommendation with my application?

A: No.  We no longer collect letters of recommendation for LAS scholarships.

Q: May I submit an application for LAS scholarships after the February 1st deadline?

A: Yes, up to October 1st. Please fill out the LAS scholarship application for the appropriate academic year. Late applications will be held and considered for scholarships that must be re-awarded and for which the applicant is eligible. The Office of Financial Aid does not accept applications after the deadline. Outside scholarships will not usually accept late applications; be sure to check the deadlines listed on outside scholarship forms as they often have a deadline earlier than February 1st.

Q: When will I be notified if I have been awarded a scholarship or fellowship?

A: The scholarship committees meet to decide awards during February and March of each spring semester, so generally recipients will be notified during the month of April about their award(s) for the following academic year.

Q: Will I receive a letter if I have not been awarded a scholarship or fellowship?

A: Once all recipients have been chosen, we will send an email to our applicants notifying them that scholarship and fellowship decisions have been made.

Q: Why wasn't I awarded a scholarship?

A: The main reason a student may not be awarded a scholarship is limited funds. At this time, there are not enough scholarship funds to make awards to each student who applies. Other common reasons are low GPA, ineligibility based on guidelines, or an incomplete application.

Q: How will I get my scholarship?

A: All scholarships and fellowships will be automatically applied to any tuition and fees and/or remaining balance on your financial aid account. If there are any funds left over after this balance is paid, recipients will receive this money in one of two ways. Recipients with direct deposit from the university will see extra funds credited to their corresponding bank account. Students without direct deposit will receive a check from Accounts Recievable for the amount of the remaining funds. Please make sure your address and contact information are accurate and up-to-date!  Inaccurate contact information may result in a delay in the disbursement of these funds.

Q: I was awarded a scholarship or fellowship for the academic year, but I will be graduating in December. Is it possible for me to receive my whole award for the fall semester only?

A: It is occasionally possible for a recipient to receive their full award in one semester. However, this depends on factors such as fund guidelines, the size of the award, and the awarding department's preference. Students in this situation must contact the LAS Scholarship Coordinator at 316-978-6659 to make arrangements.

Q: Someone contacted me about writing a thank-you letter to my scholarship donor. Whom do I contact to get this information?

A: You should have received an email for each scholarship you've been awarded.  The scholarship donor's contact information was included in that email.  If you have lost the email(s) contact the LAS Scholarship Coordinator at candice.weathers@wichita.edu or 316-978-6659. Please remember to send a copy of your thank you letter(s) to the WSU Foundation.  These letters are used to help with donor recruitment.

Q: Where else may I apply for scholarships?

A: All continuing students should apply using the application(s) on this site.  You may also want to view the Financial Aid website for more information on other WSU organizational and outside scholarship opportunities.

Q: Do you offer summer session scholarships?

A: In general, we do not offer scholarships for the summer sessions.  Any LAS scholarships offered in the summer are usually only for specific summer programs.