Guidelines for Completing your Petition for an Exception to Catalog Regulations 

Delivery: The petition form and your letter can be turned in to our office by mail, fax, email, or in person.  If you do not turn in your petition in person, please call the LAS Advising Center at 316.978.4757 to confirm it has been received.

Mail- Wichita State University
            LAS Advising Center Exceptions
            1845 Fairmount
            Wichita, KS 67260-0006

Fax-  316.978.3858

Email -  las.exceptions@wichita.edu

In person-  Grace Wilkie Hall, Room 115

Results:  The Exceptions Committee typically meets once a month to review petitions.  Results are available on the Monday following the action of the University Committee; your results will be emailed to you that day, and you may also request a copy of your results in Grace Wilkie Hall, Room 115.  Due to Federal Privacy Laws, we cannot release Exceptions Committee results over the telephone.

Procedure:  The petitioning process is a formal procedure in which your written petition is given careful consideration.  Two committees see your petition: the Liberal Arts and Sciences College Committee which is comprised of faculty and staff from the LAS College, and the University Committee which is comprised of faculty and staff from several academic disciplines at Wichita State University.  

Guidelines: Your petition is a request for special consideration. Please present your case clearly and completely. Meeting with an academic advisor may improve your petition and help clarify your academic goals. You can make an appointment with an academic advisor in the LAS Advising Center in room 115 Grace Wilkie Hall, or by phone at 316.978.4757.

Type or neatly print your petition.  Neatness makes a good impression. 
  If your statement cannot be easily read, the committee may not understand your
  situation.  Use no more than one page.  Do not use spiral notebook paper.

Documentation is essential. Without documentation, your petition will not be considered
  by the committee and no action will be taken. The committee does not need extensive
  documentation of your situation, but you must provide enough documentation to verify
  the situation and show why it affected your academic work. Statements from medical
  professionals or employers must be on official company letterhead.

  Examples of appropriate documentation
  Illness- note from physician confirming illness and dates of treatment
  Work change- note from supervisor confirming dates of work schedule change
  Death in family- copy of death notification or program from funeral
  Personal Circumstances- documentation from professionals including dates

Some petitions require additional information from WSU faculty or staff.  
  All forms are available in the LAS Advising Center, room 115 Grace Wilkie Hall.

Readmission to WSU after attending another school:
    Attach official or unofficial transcripts from each other school showing grades and
   semesters attended.