Global Learning/Global Citizenship


Activities, Resources & Websites for WSU Students, Advisors and Faculty

Compiled by Marilyn Ryan, LAS Academic Advisor/Instructor

The Wichita Global Learning Center (GLC)http://glc-wichita.ning.com/

Membership to the Wichita Global Learning Center is free for students.

Related websites:  http://globaleducation.ning.com/

The Global Nomads Grouphttp://www.gng.org/

SIETAR USA Associationwww.sietarusa.org

WSU Office of Diversity and Inclusionhttp://www.wichita.edu/thisis/home/?u=diversity
208 Rhatigan Student Center, 316-978-3034

Wichita State University -  sample of global learning/global citizenship courses
Anthro 303 – World Cultures
Biol 370 – Introduction to Environmental Science – Environmental Issues
COMM 335 – International and Intercultural Communication in a Global World
Geog 210 – Introduction to World Geography
Geol 300 – Energy, Resources, and the Environment – Environmental Issues
Geol 302 – Earth and Space Sciences
Geol 310 – Oceanography
Hist 100 – World Civilization since 1500
Hist 102 – Western Civilization since 1648
Hist 312 – Modern Latin America
Hist 324 – Modern East Asian History
Modern Classical Languages & Literature dept. - Majors in French & Spanish; Minors in German, Greek, Latin, & Russian
LASI 300 – Global Issues, offered every other Spring semester (Issues & Perspective course)
Phil 302 – Values & the Modern World
Pols 153 – Model United Nations I
Pols 220 – Intro to International Relations
Pols 340 – Global Challenges
Pols 353 – Model United Nations Program II
Psy 304 – Social Psychology
Rel 327 – Magic, Witchcraft & Religion
CJ 598 – Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
Soc 346 – Sociology of Globalization
Woms 391 – Women’s Global Issues
Woms 513 – Women in Africa
Woms 514 – Women in the Middle East

Global Learning Specific Courses as defined by the WSU Global Learning Centerwww.gl.wichita.edu or see more information in the Schedule of Courses
CI 319 – Mathematical Investigations - Instructor: Mara Alagic
CI 731 – Reflective/Inquiring Educator - Instructor: Mara Alagic
Pols 340 – Global Challenges - Instructor: Carolyn Shaw
Woms 513 – Women in Africa - Instructor: Chinyere Okafor
EEPS 721 Curr Iss Global Environment - Instructor: Glyn Rimmington

LAS Degrees, Programs, & Certificates  focusing on Global/International Studies
Global Studies Field Major, B.A. – Advisor: Dr. Dorothy Billings
Asian Studies Certificate – Advisors: Dr. Robert Feleppa & Dr. Helen Hundley
International Studies Field Major, B.A. – Advisors: Dr. John Dreifort & Dr. Carolyn Shaw
Model United Nations – see courses in Political Science
Study Abroad: Anth 597T –  (Belize)
Study Abroad: Anth 597D – Advisor: Dr. Jacqueline Snyder    (New Zealand)
Study Abroad: Geology in Belize – Advisor: Dr. Bill Bischoff
Study Abroad: Summer Program in Puebla Mexico – Advisor: Dr. Eunice Doman Myers

Barton School of Business
International Business Degree

College of Education
CI 750I – Intercultural Communication Competence Development
CI 852Q – Integrating Global Learning into the Curriculum

WSU College of Engineering
Visit the Engineer of 2020 website: http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=2020&p=/index

College of Fine Arts
Ulrich Museum of Art – http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=ulrich

College of Health Professions
HMCD 327 – Introduction to Global Health

A book that covers topics of globalization and global citizenship
Coming of Age in a Globalized World: The Next Generation. Adams, Michael J., & Angelo Carfagna., 2006, Kumarian Press.