Summa Cum Laude #2

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Summa Cum LaudeArtist - Daniel Ben-Schmuel
Born - 1927
Origin - America/Ireland
Year Built - 1989

About the Artist:  Born in Ireland, Daniel Barret moved to London in 1947, where he enrolled first at the University of London and then at the Slade School of Art. Two years later, he left for a tour of Africa, where he studied the art of various peoples. In 1961, he moved to Israel and the next year he took the Hebrew name, Ben-Shmuel (Son of Samuel), in honor of his Jewish mother but in deference to his father. He moved to New York in 1966.

Recently Barrett has worked in a non-objective vein. Summa Cum Laude #2, 1989, conveys much of its visual energy through the dissonant arrangement of similar elements: square poles bent at right angles and various obtuse angles. The introduction of flat tablets into the sculpture breaks up the repetition. Despite its geometric overtones, Summa Cum Laude #2 possesses a vaguely organic character in its chaotic arrangement, similar to that of a plant. The title refers to the Latin phrase meaning "with greatest honor," which is frequently used to denote the highest academic distinction.