WSU National Merit Scholarships

  • Estimated value of $80,000 for residents and $112,000 for non-residents
  • Good for four years with eligibility
  • Open to National Merit Finalists, National Achievement Finalists and National Hispanic Recognition Finalists

Who is eligible?

  • National Merit Finalists
  • National Achievement Finalists
  • Finalists in the National Hispanic Recognition Program

NOTE: Eligibility is contingent upon submission of a complete admission application to WSU by April 1. These scholarships cannot be combined with other institutional scholarships offered through WSU.

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What does the WSU National Merit Scholarship cover?

These scholarships can be applied to the following direct costs:

  • Tuition, Student Fee, and Campus Infrastructure & Support Fee up to 15 credit hours per term
  • On-Campus Room and Board (any choice except private room)
  • $1,000 stipend for books at $500 per semester

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What are the requirements to receive the WSU National Merit Scholarship?

  • Become a National Merit Finalist, a National Achievement Finalist, or a Finalist Scholar in the National Hispanic Recognition Program
  • Submit an application for admission to WSU by April 1
  • Designate WSU as your number one school of choice with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation by May 1
  • Become fully admitted to WSU in a degree-bound program by May 1st of your senior year

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What are the renewal requirements for the WSU National Merit Scholarship?

  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 at the conclusion of each semester of the academic year -- and --
  • Enroll in and successfully complete at least 15 credit hours each semester (fall and spring)

NOTE: If you have fewer than 24 hours remaining in your degree program, enrollment exceptions may be granted on an individual review based on a written request.

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