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About Us

The 2007 LEGO Mindstorms Challenge is a joint effort of the Colleges of Education and Engineering. Many student organizations, faculty members, professional educators and engineers volunteer their time to make this event a success. Spirit Aerosystems and The Boeing Company along with the Colleges of Education and Engineering, provide funding to support this event.

Contact Us: mindstorms@wichita.edu

Steering Committee

  • Larry Whitman, College of Engineering
  • Brenda Gile-Laflin, College of Engineering
  • Joe Dvorak, College of Engineering
  • Karen Reynolds, College of Education
  • Julie Bath, College of Education
  • Tonya Witherspoon, College of Education

Participating WSU Engineering Student Organizations

Attention Registered Teams: If you have a question about a 2007 mission or the challenge in general please click on the "Questions?" link to the left and fill out the FAQ form. Please do not send questions through e-mail. Thank you!