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Professional Level: Asteroid War

Created by: WSU Engineering Council

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NASA has just discovered an asteroid that is hurtling towards earth. The President has been contacted and top scientists from all around have decided that the only way to save the earth and humanity is to destroy the asteroid. After quickly pooling resources and putting the best engineers from every nation together a gun turret has been created that is capable of destroying the asteroid. However, the ammunition is so sensitive that any slight jarring could cause it to detonate. Your team has been called upon to program a small robot to arm the weapon by placing the ammunition into the appropriate loading chambers. Remember all of civilization is counting on you!

There are two golf balls and two large Styrofoam balls (ammunition) on the game board. There are two smaller holes (turret loading chambers) dedicated for the golf balls and two larger holes dedicated for the Styrofoam balls.

To receive full credit for this course:

  1. The two Styrofoam balls must be dropped into the dedicated holes furthest from the Styrofoam balls’ starting position.
  2. The two golf balls must be dropped into the dedicated holes furthest from the golf balls’ starting position.
  3. A battle tune of any kind must be played prior to moving any balls.

To receive partial credit for this course:

  1. Any ball can be displaced into any chamber with points awarded as indicated.
  2. Any ball can be pushed into any chamber with points awarded as indicated.

Bill of Materials: (missing)


Action Points
Any ball displaced from starting position 50 (x4)
Any ball loaded into any chamber 50 (x4)
A ball loaded in the correct chamber (except golf ball behind fence) 100 (x3)
Golf ball behind the fence loaded into the correct chamber 200 (x1)
Playing a battle tune 100 (x1)
Total Points 1000

Drawing 1
Drawing 2

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