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Professional Level: Space Station T.H.O.R.

Created by: IEEE Student Branch


Nine hours ago space station T.H.O.R was hit by some kind of electro-magnetic space wave which has caused damage to many electrical and mechanical systems on that station. It seems that a wave has sucked up the energy from the main fuel cell. This sudden energy loss caused many running systems to stop and come to a stand still. The entire station is now running on an auxiliary backup cell which will now last for only ten hours. We have a difficult situation: one astronaut is floating in space but is connected by a cable which can be rolled in. We need immediate action. We have an extra space rocket DELTA which can take a rescue robot, but we need a robot first. This is where your job comes into the picture.

Your mission is to make a robot that can successfully enter the space station and put a new battery in the designated area called "Power Zone" located in quad 1. Then, your robot has to press the red button located in quadrant 2 in order to rescue the astronaut. After that, its next task is to knock the cylinders which are causing a problem in the proper flow of oxygen. Finally, the robot has to come out of the space station by the trash chamber. While coming out from the trash chamber we want the robot to throw the trash out. You need to keep this in mind that the trash chamber does not have any guiding lights.

Bill of Materials:

Item Qty Place Price
White foam board 40”x60”


walmart/office max


White foam board 20”x30”


walmart/office max


transparent tape walmart/office max


Red duct tape walmart/office max


White electric tape walmart/office max


Black electric tape


8 oz soda can


12 oz soda can


Elmer's glue all to glue walls


Total 33.05

Wall building instructions: Cut strips of width 1 inch from the 20”x30” (so u get 20 strips). In order to make the walls just stack one strip over the other and glue them together. Use the transparent tape in corner to provide extra strength to the wall. Then cover the sides of wall with the red colored duct tape. This is how the "official walls" were built, but you can make the walls any way you would like.

Scoring Table

Item Points
Enter inside QUAD 1. 50 pts
Press the RED button 50 pts
Successfully rescue the astronaut 150 pts
Enter inside QUAD 2 50 pts
Place the battery in the designated area 150 pts
Enter inside QUAD 3 50 pts
Knock out the 3 cylinders which are blocking the air flow 50 pts each
Enter inside QUAD 4 50 pts
Successfully move out from upper quad 4 50 pts
Successfully throw the 4 trash packets out 50 pts each
Reach the END 50 pts
Total 1000 pts

Drawings: Top View
Instructions for LEGO Box

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