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2008 Registered Teams

Note: Your team will only be listed when it has been registered correctly. This includes proper coach information, team name, and appropriate number of team members. Team numbers will be assigned in chronological order.


Professional � �� Apprentice�
2. (RCX) Pathfinders 1. (NXT) Collegiate Smartans
Wichita, KS Collegiate
Wichita, KS
4. (NXT) NXT P.D. 3. (NXT) Mac Attack
McLean Elementary McLean Elementary
Wichita, KS Wichita, KS
5. (NXT) WHW - NXT 7. (NXT) Wiley Robotic Raccoons
Wichita, KS Wiley Elementary USD 308
Hutchinson, KS
6. (RCX) WHW - RCX
Wichita, KS 8. (NXT) Canton Galva Eagles
Canton Galva Middle School
11. (NXT) Lego X-Plosion Galva, KS
McCollom Elementary
Wichita, KS 9. (NXT) Bethel Bots
Bethel Life Center
14. (NXT) Royal's to the Rescue Wichita, KS
Pleasant Valley Middle School
Wichita, KS 10. (RCX) FireHawks
Cheney Middle School
16. (RCX) Northfield Robotics Cheney, KS
Northfield Liberal Arts
Wichita, KS 12. (RCX) Rumbling Robots
McCollom Elementary
17. (RCX) Flamin' Cardinals Wichita, KS
Colwich Grade School
Colwich, KS 13. (RCX) Lego Hurricanes
McCollom Elementary
Wichita, KS
15. (RCX) Rice County LEGO Team
Rice County Special Services
Lyons, KS
18. (RCX) Firebirds
Colwich Grade School
Colwich, KS
19. (RCX) Lady Gearheads
Derby Middle School
Derby, KS
20. (RCX) Robo Dawgs
Derby Middle School
Derby, KS
21. (RCX) Bulldog Bots
Derby Middle School
Derby, KS
22. (NXT) Bethel Thunderbolts
Bethel Life Center
Wichita, KS