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Apprentice Level: Ramp It!

Can you make the grade? Can you determine the appropriate gearing to make it to the top without falling over? The course is a 7 1/2 inch wide (available for your robot) by 93 inch long ramp with walls. the walls keep your robot from falling off, but also make it difficult to move! The challenge will run for up to three minutes. Your robot will start at the lowest grade with part of the robot touching the back wall. Press "Run" and back away and see if you can make it to the top! Place a ping pong ball in front of your robot and drop it down the abyss or place it on the "spot" for even more points!

A. Ramp
The real challenge is to make it all the way to the top of the ramp! It is easier than it sounds, you must keep the robot moving up to the top without falling over! The first grade is easy (10 degrees), the second grade is more difficult (20 degrees), and the third grade is even more difficult (30 degrees)! You get more points by making it to each grade.

B. Ping Pong Ball
To add difficulty and points, place a ping pong ball in front (or use an attachment) and push the ball to the top. You get more points for each grade if you carry the ping pong ball. Push the ping pong ball into the abyss at the end and get more points still! Push the ping pong ball and leave the ball on the spot and get the most points!

Bill of Materials:

  • 5/8" 4'X 8' Particle Board (Lowe's $11.89)

  • nails (nail gun clip)*

  • ping pong balls*

*surely you already have these!.

Scoring Table:

Ramp Grades Points without ball Points with ball

10 degrees



20 degrees



30 degrees



Ball Placement
Ball pushed down the abyss


Ball placed on spot (the spot is a divit in the top of the ramp - picture 5246 below shows the divit to the left of the RCX which is 1 5/8" from the edge).


Total Points Possible




  • 200 pts - for making to the second grade
  • 400 pts - for making to the second grade with the ping pong ball
  • 800 pts - for making to the third grade and pushing the ping pong ball over into the abyss.

Drawings: Ramp It! Drawing Modified Jan 5, 2008 (PDF File)

Photos: Ramp It! Pix (ZIP File)