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Professional Level: Earthquake Rescue

Created by: WSU Engineering Council


Bill of Materials:



Bar Code Number

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Face Wreath 12x2.5x1


0046501881212? 00585513

White Styrofoam


StyroBlock 2x4x8


0046501100153? 0054626

White Styrofoam


Lara's Crafts Wooden Blocks


0754246101426 00110962

Wood Craft Dept


7/16Wooden Dowel (black end)


0041426027301? 00529503

Craft Stick Dept


2 cans of Color Place Fast Dry Spray Paint CP Gray Primer 10 oz.



Paint Dept


Krylan Spray Paint Hunter Green



Paint Dept


Hot Wheels Basic Cars #32 Porsche Cayman S



Toy Dept


Doggie Figurine



Craft Dept Kid's Paintable Figurines


1/4 x4x4 Sand Pipe Plywood Ext


0081999130381 (Item # 7703)



You need to keep the cutout of the river. That is how you place the proper distance between the two pieces.

The arch in front of the dog is a quarter of the 12 inch diameter circle and it is to be placed touching both sides of the board in the corner.

Cut a corner out of the Styrofoam block so that the short side measures 2 inches and the long side measures 5 3/8 inches.


Maneuver between the building and car

100 points

Move blocks from the road

50 points each or 250 points total

Retrieve dog from behind the arch

150 points

Penalty for knocking the dog off the course

lose 50 points

Place dog within 4 inches of the river

200 points

Place bridge over river

300 points

Total points

1000 points

Drawing: (PDF)
Drawing (added dimensions 2/2/08)


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Calling all robots, calling all robots! We have an emergency! An earthquake has just struck the city. Widespread damage has been reported by rescue teams - buildings, trees, cars, and houses have been knocked down and severely damaged. Rescuers have also informed us that several dogs have been trapped inside the rubble of a pet store on the edge of town. You have been called to enter the town before rescue teams to clear a path for rescue vehicles and crews. Your mission is to maneuver yourself through the streets of the town to the pet store. Be careful though - you must squeeze between a fallen building (Styrofoam block) and a car that has rolled over (100 pts) -- neither can be moved. Once you get past, you must remove debris (small wooden squares) from the road and place them onthe green grass (50 pts each=250 pts total). Once you have reached the church, you need to find a way to remove the dog (150 pts) from behind a loose piece of rubble (foam quarter-circle). This can be done any way possible, but the dog cannot fall off the course. If the dog falls off the course, you will lose 50 points. After the dog has been evacuated, you must then take him and place his entire body within a 4 inch radius of the river (the curve that is cut out of the course) (200 pts). The dog needs to get across the river - but wait - the bridge has been destroyed! You will need to rebuild the bridge (7/16 x 8 inch dowel-rod) (300 pts). The bridge needs to be placed on top of the surface of both sides of the river. Anywhere along the curvewill work.Only two wheels can be off the course at any time before the run is over.