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WSU LEGO MINDSTORMS Challenge Name Badges

Each 2008 MINDSTORMS Challenge team member and one coach will receive a personalized and engraved name badge made of LEGO bricks. Each badge will be made of 8X1 bricks; eight (8) studs long and (1) stud wide. Badges have a magnetic bar on the back to attach to clothing. The badges are made of LEGO so they can be embellished with your favorite LEGO pieces and added onto each year that you attend the WSU Challenge. In addition to team trophies and plaques each individual MINDSTORMS winner will receive a specially made LEGO trophy brick designed to snap onto their engraved LEGO Name Badge!

LEGO Badge Orders

Badges will be provided for all team members and one coach. You will receive a badge with Four (4) Bricks: Name, Team name (you can make this whatever you want), WSU MINDSTORMS 2008, Wichita State University.