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Apprentice Level AND Professional Level

The WSU MINDSTORMS Challenge encourages interteam and intrateam cooperation and support and student participation from each team member. Each student should contribute to the team individually but does not necessarily need to be involved in all aspects of the challenge. Coach and parent support is encouraged and necessary, but it is important that all adults let students do their own work. Each team member will receive a name badge and be required to clearly display this at all times during the MINDSTORMS Challenge day. Roving judges will be watching sportsmanship conduct and spirit throughout the day (9:00am - 4:00pm) at the missions, work tables, lounge areas, etc.

Sportsmanship/Spirit Award (1 Award): One award is given to the team that earns the most points in the Sportsmanship/Spirit Challenge. Apprentice level and Professional level teams will all compete for this one award together.

Apprentice Level Note: Points from Sportsmanship/Spirit apply toward the overall awards in the Apprentice Level.

Professional Level Note: Points from Sportsmanship/Spirit apply toward the overall Awards in the Professional Level.

NOTE: Trial Day Opportunity
February 2nd, 2008 - 12:45pm - 1:30pm
Overview and Q&A Session for MINDSTORMS Challenge
Spirit/Sportsmanship Award and Table/Notebook Display
Presented by: Tonya Witherspoon and Karen Reynolds from the College of Education.
Tonya and Karen do not judge or score the table/notebook displays or spirit/sportsmanship award.  Throughout the history of the challenge, Tonya and Karen have recruited and organized the judges for these awards and have provided the judges with guidance on using the scoring rubrics. This presentation is open to all registered teams.
This session will take place in Room 207 of the Heskett Center.


Scoring Rubric:  1000 points possible









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Identity- Team members and their coach are clearly identified and recognizable as members of  a unique team.  The team work area is clearly labeled and easily identified. 
Note: schools bringing multiple teams should make sure that each team is clearly and uniquely identified.

Teamwork/Collaboration- Students listen to and consider the ideas of other members of their team.  It is obvious that all students are an active part of the team effort and it is clear that the team works together as a unit.

Sportsmanship- Team members display a good attitude towards all participants and show grace in winning and losing.

Respect- Students are knowledgeable of and follow all rules involving the Challenge.  Students respectfully listen to their coach and the MINDSTORM Challenge Officials.

Integrity- Coaches and parents offer assistance but the students are CLEARLY doing the work among themselves.