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WSU 2009 LEGO MINDSTORMS Challenge Trial Day
February 2nd, 2009
10am - 2pm
Heskett Center, WSU
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February 2nd, 2009 - 11:30am - 12:00pm
How to Improve Your MINDSTORMS Challenge Oral Presentation
Presented by: Don Malzahn, Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Wichita State (and chief judge the last three years)
Don has judged previous LEGO MINDSTORMS oral presentations and will present some ideas on how to maximize the effectiveness of the 4-6 minute oral presentation and 5 minute question and answer period. This presentation is open to all registered teams. This session will take place in Room 207 of the Heskett Center.

February 2nd, 2009 - 12:45pm - 1:30pm
Overview and Q&A Session for MINDSTORMS Challenge
Spirit/Sportsmanship Award and Table/Notebook Display
Presented by: Tonya Witherspoon and Karen Reynolds from the College of Education.
Tonya and Karen do not judge or score the table/notebook displays or spirit/sportsmanship award. Throughout the history of the challenge, Tonya and Karen have recruited and organized the judges for these awards and have provided the judges with guidance on using the scoring rubrics. This presentation is open to all registered teams.
This session will take place in Room 207 of the Heskett Center.

On Trial Day, the mission boards will be set up so that teams may practice with their robots. This year, the courses will be all in the Heskett Center (same as the actual challenge day). There will be NO tables, chairs, or extension cords available - please note that chairs, tables, and extension cords will not be setup for the teams to use when practicing. Make your arrangements accordingly. Representatives of the College of Engineering will be available to answer mission questions. No laptops will be available for checkout or use. If teams want to be able to program on that day they will need to furnish their own computer, software, and IR tower. Remember to bring extension cords and power strips for your computers and batteries for your RCX/NXT and IR tower.

You may NOT bring food and drink to the Heskett Center on trial day. The gym part (where the challenges will be) is not allowed to have any food or drink. You may bring food and drink outside the gym (in the hallway).

WSU MINDSTORMS T-shirts Sales:
If you would like to purchase a WSU MINDSTORMS T-shirt , they will be on sale during Trial Day. Trial Day will be the last day that coaches may make a bulk T-shirt order for their team in order to get them printed for Challenge Day.

LEGO Name Badges:
Trial Day will be the last day that any LEGO Name Badges can be requested and engraved before the Challenge. Please enter all requests using the on-line form. Your order will NOT be placed until payment is received.