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2009 Registered Teams

Note: Your team will only be listed when it has been registered correctly. This includes proper coach information, team name, and appropriate number of team members. Team names are first submitted, first taken (if someone submits a team name that is already taken, then that team must take another name). Team numbers will be assigned in chronological order.   



1. Mythbusters 2. Smartans 18. We Kick Bot!
  Collegiate   Collegiate   Goessel
  Wichita, KS   Wichita, KS   Goessel, KS
3. Flamin' Cardinals 4. Trojans 19. NXTreme 
  Colwich   McLean Elementary   Homeschool Warriors Lego Robotics
  Colwich, KS   Wichita, KS   Belle Plaine, KS
6. i-bots 7. Robo Dragons 20. NXTerminators
  McCollom Elementary   McCollom Elementary   Homeschool Warriors Lego Robotics
  Wichita, KS   Wichita, KS   Belle Plaine, KS
8. Storming Knights 9. Firebirds 23. Gearheads
  McCollom Elementary   Colwich Grade School   Northfield
  Wichita, KS   Colwich, KS   Wichita, KS
11. Warriors  10. Royal Scathatch    
      Pleasant Valley Middle School    
  Valley Center, KS   Wichita, KS    
12. Robo Eagles   17. Skynet      
  Cloud Elementary   St. Joseph Catholic School    
  Wichita, KS   Ost, KS    
13. Iron Bots  26. Black Ops    
  McLean Elementary   Bethel Life School    
  Wichita, KS   Wichita, KS    
14. Mythical Techs 5. Starbots      
  McLean Elementary   St. Jude    
  Wichita, KS   Wichita, KS    
15. Knights of Wall-E  28. Raiders of Myths     
  St. Joseph Catholic School   Canton-Galva    
  Ost, KS   Canton-Galva, KS    
16. Royal Tigers 37. Robohawks    
  Cloud Elementary   Horace Mann    
  Wichita, KS   Wichita, KS    
21. Spyboticus         
  The Independent School        
  Wichita, KS        
22. Flaming Eagles          
  St. Jude        
  Wichita, KS        
24. Firehawks          
  Cheney Middle School        
  Cheney, KS        
25. Wallee Bots         
  Bethel Life School        
  Wichita, KS        
27. Lollipop Bandits        
  Girl Scouts of the Heartland        
  Andover, KS        
29. Lions, Tigers, Bears         
  Lyons, KS        
30. PeanutButterSuprise        
  Girl Scouts of the Heartland        
  Wichita, KS        
31. Robo-Geniuses         
  Wichita, KS        
32. Dynobots        
  Wichita, KS        
33. The Thunderbirds        
  Wichita, KS        
34. Purple Brick Busters        
  Derby Middle School        
  Derby, KS        
35. Robotastics        
  Andover, KS        
36. BGC Bat Bots        

Boys and Girls Clubs

  Wichita, KS        
38. RedHot TechnoPeppers        
  Horace Mann        
  Wichita, KS