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Rules Changes for 2010

The following is a summary of rule changes for the 2010 WSU Shocker MINDSTORMS Challenge. These changes appear on the respective pages in red type.

The "One RCX/NXT Rule" has been discontinued.
Beginning with the 2010 Challenge, each team may use multiple RCX/NXTs on Challenge Day; however, only ONE RCX/NXT can be included/contained in any robot that is used for official runs.

Robot Size
CORRECTION: There is no robot size restriction for 2010 unless specified within the individual mission guidelines. For 2010, there is a robot size restriction for the Engineers Without Borders course only: 40 x 40 studs.

Line Follower (Apprentice Mission)
Scoring for the Line Follower has been changed. Timing to complete the Mission and score points has been revised to:

  • < 30 seconds=250 points
  • between 30 and 60 seconds=150 points
  • > 60 seconds=50 points

Table Runner (Apprentice Mission)
Robpts must touch each side of the table two times. Your robot can touch the sides of the table in any order, however, you cannot score points for touching the same side of the table two times in a row. See examples on the Table Runner Mission page.

Ramp It
The Ramp It course has been redesigned and rebuilt for the 2010 Challenge. Please refer to the Ramp It Mission page for details.

Professional Missions
There is a new element to the scoring matrix for each Professional Mission – one “scoring line” will be left out when courses are posted to the website and will not be revealed until coaches pick up their team packets on Challenge Day. This means that teams will need to do some additional “on-the-fly” building and/or programming on Challenge Day to earn some points.