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My Own Creation (MOC)

Please join us for this exciting event - voted on by the public!

Anyone can enter!

9:30am - 2pm
Heskett Center, WSU

MOCs are simply as the name implies, "My Own Creation." This event began in 2006 and has had more entries each year. All you do is build something out of 100% LEGO bricks, bring it to the competition, register it, and display it. There will be three categories this year for voting and prizes.

NOTE: You DO NOT have to be registered in the MINDSTORMS Challenge to enter the MOC. This is an individual event, NOT a team effort. Have fun!

One MOC Award will be given for each age group:
Freestyle MOC Builder over 15 years old (yes adults can enter).
Freestyle MOC Builder between the ages of 10 and 15.
Freestyle MOC Builder under 10 years old (yes, your little brother or sister can enter).