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Robot Zoo

The Robot Zoo Exhibition/Competition is for those who like to build and program robots, but don't want to compete in the traditional MINDSTORMS Challenge events. Anyone can enter, and there is no need to register. Tables will be set up in an area of the gym designated for the Robot Zoo.

The guidelines for a Robot Zoo entry are simple:

  • Imagine a zoo animal in its habitat. It can be a real animal like a tiger or giraffe; an animal from a fantasy book like a dragon or a unicorn; an animal from a science fiction movie like a Tauntaun; or a completely imaginary animal that you dream up.
  • Build a habitat where your animal lives. It could include grass or trees or caves or whatever is appropriate for your animal. If you plan to display your habitat on a table, make sure it is no larger than 2.5' b 2.5'. If you plan to set up on the floor, your habitat can be as large as 4' x 4'.
  • Build your robot to look and move like your animal. Be creative. Add hair or claws or a tail.
  • Program your robot to respond to something in its environment. For instance, your animal could move toward and "eat" certain foods; or your animal could withdraw when it sees something dangerous.
  • Set up your display by 9:30 am on Challenge Day. All those attending are invited to vote for their favorite Robot Zoo display.

Use your imagination! The idea is to have fun and create something unique and different. If you want some ideas, take a look at the animals created by some teachers at WSU's Robot Zoo Workshop. There is also a great book on building zoo animals, LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT ZOO! by Fay Rhodes. (If you would like to borrow a copy of this book to get some ideas, contact Karen Reynolds.)

In order to make sure we have enough floor and table space, please send an email to Karen Reynolds, karen.reynolds@wichita.edu, indicating your plans to bring a Zoo entry.

And, don't forget the MOC (My Own Creation) Competition where you can create ANYTHING out of 100% LEGO parts!