Order a Shocker MINDSTORMS 2012 T-Shirt

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

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(Note: Logo on back of t-shirt is smaller than it appears on image above.)

All Challenge Judges and Volunteers will be given a "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" t-shirt to wear on Challenge Day. Teams are welcome to purchase and wear these t-shirts on game day or wear their own individual team designs. Individual t-shirts may be purchased at the 2012 Trial Day on February 18, or at the 2012 MINDSTORMS Challenge on March 10. Supplies are limited.

All shirts are black and are pre-shrunk 100% cotton.

Sizes: Youth Small, Youth Medium, Youth Large, Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, Adult XLarge, and Adult XXLarge

Price: $12.00   (XXL $15.00)

MINDSTORMS 2012 Logo and T-shirt Design: Sarah Meier

Coaches: If you would like to order "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" t-shirts for your team please e-mail Karen.Reynolds@wichita.edu.