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2015 Awards Summary

Rank Team Points
1 Geeks of Gallifrey 7290
2 Some Assembly Required 6476
3 Crusader ShockBots 5990
4 Robo Saints 5772
Rank Team Points
1 Robo Troop 5687
2 The Geek Squad.docx 5540
3 sMartans 5355
4 Anderby Dalek Hunters 5156
Beginner II
Rank Team Points
1 Barons Bots 5665
2 IVEA 5620
3 Ro-Bits 5492
4 Wu-ping Angels 5251
1 RoBostics 4910
2 Who Shocks 4763
Spirit and Sportsmanship
Expert Crusader ShockBots
Intermediate RoboTroop
Beginner II Robot Falcons
Beginner Robo Proz
Team Display and Notebook
Expert Geeks of Gallifrey
Intermediate sMartans
Beginner II Ro-Bits
Beginner Glory Bots
Team Presentation
Expert Geeks of Gallifrey
Intermediate sMartans
Team Interview
Beginner II Franklin Robotics Kidz
MOC Award
Level Name
NXT/RCX Controlled Gage, Sterling, and Joshua
15 & Older Jeremy and Johnny Marshall
10 to 15 Jessy and Jamey Marshall
Under 10 Bryce Scarberry
Best Badge
Wyatt and Logan Spexarth


Scores for Expert Teams REVISED

Scores for Intermediate Teams REVISED

Scores for Beginner II Teams

Scores for Beginner Teams