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2015 Shocker MINDSTORMS Challenge

Interview for Beginner II Teams

The Team Interviews will take place in Heskett Center, Room 208.  Coaches/mentors are not allowed to participate in the Interview. Two observers in addition to the coach/mentor for a total of three observers may be present. Observers may record the session if approved by the team. *We limit the number of observers so that the students are speaking in front of a small group and feel more comfortable.

All students, interviewers and observers will be seated.  There will be no formal presentation. Each team will be asked 5 questions.  One question will be about the Engineering Design Process.  The other four will be chosen be randomly chosen (Interview Questions) and addressed to the team members.  Judging will be based on the Interview Rubric.

Interview Award (one award): One award is given at the Beginner II Level for the team earning the most points for the Interview.


Interview Schedule for Challenge Day

Beginner II Teams
Heskett, Room 208

9:30-10:00 Team #3 Wu-ping Angels Circle Greenwich Elementary
10:00-10:30 Team #5 Electroids Wheatland Elementary
10:30-11:00 Team #11 IVEA Andover
11:00-11:30 Team #27 Troop & Pack 662 Boy Scouts
11:30-12:00 Team #28 Barons Bots Blessed Sacrament
12:00-12:30 Team #33 Ro-Bits MAHE
12:30-1:00 Team #35 Robot Falcons Franklin Elementary
1:00-1:30 Team #36 Franklin Robotics Kidz Franklin Elementary