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2015 Shocker MINDSTORMS Challenge


The Presentation allows teams to demonstrate orally what they have learned from their experiences preparing for the Shocker MINDSTORMS Challenge. Teams should identify and explain problem solving techniques used to solve a problem of their choice. The presentation could be about how the team designed their robot for a particular Challenge, how they learned to program their robot, what strategy they used to build and re-build for each challenge ( i.e. did they use a common robot base), or any other problem they have approached using LEGO MINDSTORMS robots. Presentations are encouraged to be technical in nature. The Presentation is an opportunity for your team to demonstrate to a panel of judges the process your team went through in preparation for the missions. Notebooks from the Team Display and Notebook may also be used during the Presentation.

Presentations will take place in a small classroom. The only audience members will be the three judges, and three allowed observers per team. Each team will have 3 minutes to setup, 4-6 minutes for an oral presentation, 5 minutes for a question and answer period and 3 minutes to clean up. A minimum of two students shall actively participate in the presentation but all team members should be present at the presentation. All team members should be prepared to answer questions during the question and answer period.

Coaches/mentors are not allowed to participate in the presentation but may attend as observers. Two additional observers in addition to the coach/mentor for a total of three observers may be present. If observers wish to record the team presentation please make sure that all equipment is set up and ready during the team's 3 minute setup period and is removed during the team's 3 minute clean up period. *We limit the number of observers so that the students are speaking in front of a small group and feel more comfortable.

A projector, screen, and table will be provided. Computers, power cords, power strips, and any other materials necessary for the presentation are the responsibility of the presenters.   If preparing individual handouts for the presentation please make 3 copies for the judges.

Presentation Award (two awards): One award is given at each level, Intermediate and Expert, for the team earning the most points within that division.

Presentation Schedule for Challenge Day

Expert Teams
Heskett, Room 209

9:30 - 10:00 Team #14 Geeks of Gallifrey Wichita Homeschool
10:00 - 10:30 Team #20 Gallego Builders Andover Central MS
10:30 - 11:00 Team #23 RoboSaints St. Jude
11:00 - 11:30 Team #32 Crusader ShockBots St. Joseph, Ost
11:30-12:00 Team #34 Some Assembly Required Christa McAuliffe Academy

Intermediate Teams
Heskett, Room 105

9:30-10:00 Team #1 Robo Troop Girl Scouts of the Heartland
10:00-10:30 Team #2 Stormy Knights Gammon Elementary
10:30-11:00 Team #7 sMartans Wichita Collegiate School
11:00-11:30 Team #15 Blood, Sweat & Gears Deer Creek Middle School
11:30-12:00 Team #17 The Geek Squad.docx Andover
12:00-12:30   Judges - Lunch  
12:30-1:00 Team #19 One Brick West Wichita Homeschool
1:00-1:30 Team #25 Anderby Dalek Hunter Andover Central Middle School