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Due to low response, the event this year was cancelled
We hope to try again next year.
October 13, 2007
1:30PM until 5:15PM
Corbin Education Center (check in room COE Tech Center 156A)
IR2L Competition: 1:30-3:15PM
SUMO Competition: 3:30-5:15PM

All on the Wichita State University Campus
Please note the rule changes for this year (both for each competition and the holding area rule at the bottom of the page)

WSU is hosting the third annual Fall Kickoff Challenge. This will be an informal competition open to all comers. There will be two competitions in the morning: Robotic SUMO and IR2L (International RoboticRace League). The competition is open to all (Adults and children of all ages). The competition rules are posted below for each challenge.

RSVP here (this is just to get an estimate of the number of participants).

Let's Have Fun!



Rules Video

Rules Video

The competition involves two Sumo 'bots competing in a circular arena. The objective of the competition is to move your opponent out of the circular arena by pushing, overturning, or other means within the allotted bout time of two (2) minutes. The winner of each competition will be the Sumo 'bot left standing or functioning in the circular arena after pushing the opponent out of the arena or the last Sumo 'bot to leave the circular arena.

The competition involves two 'bots competing on an oval course. The objective of the competition is to complete three laps around the course ahead of your opponent. The winner of each competition will be the first 'bot to complete the three laps without any faults.

Schedule: Planned schedule for the competition is available in Powerpoint file (COMP 1=competitor 1). Click here.

Last year's results: Click here.

General Rules: This year we WILL have a holding area. You must be in this holding area a minimum of 1 minute prior to your scheduled time with your 'bot or you will forfeit that match. You must place your 'bot in the arena at the scheduled time. The time will be set at the start of the competition and for each subsequent round.

Contact: larry.whitman@NOSPAMwichita.edu