Online Readiness Self-Assessment

These questions are intended to help you decide whether to take a fully online class but may also assist you in understanding some of the demands any online class may entail.

1. Are you able to login regularly to a computer with Internet access?

2. Do you have a computer at home with Internet access?

3. Are you comfortable taking notes, reading or viewing material from various sources (textbooks, articles, Websites) including content delivered solely online?

4. Are you comfortable addressing technical problems and learning challenges at a distance?

5. Are you at ease learning new computer software, technologies and techniques?

6. Are you comfortable working independently without constant attention and direction from an instructor?

7. Do you have reasonably strong writing/typing skills and feel confident expressing yourself in writing?

8. Do you feel that quality learning can take place without having face-to-face interaction?

9. Do you feel competent in assessing your own progress and knowing what assignments are due without frequent feedback from the instructor?

10. Do you feel comfortable and competent interacting and communicating with your instructor and fellow classmates via email, discussion groups, and chat rooms?


If you answered YES to 7-10 questions, you should be successful in an online environment.

If you answered 6 or less questions YES, you might want to improve your computer and time management skills before taking an online course or course heavily dependent upon online learning.