Engineering Services

The Broadcast Engineering Department is staffed by the Chief Television Engineer, the TV Shop Supervisor, and two Electronics Technicians. TV Engineering provides audio, video, and multimedia equipment design, installation, and repair services to the Media Resources Center and to other WSU campus departments.

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Repair Services:

The Broadcast Engineering Department provides repair service for consumer, industrial, and broadcast television and audio equipment for the MRC and other campus departments. Engineering personnel also maintain and repair the campus CATV system, Wichita State University building paging and intercom systems, auditorium and arena sound systems, Ablah Library microfiche readers, and other electronic equipment

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Broadcast Services:

Media Resources Center Broadcast Engineering provides engineering support for events broadcast on television from the Wichita State University campus. Broadcast events include select lecture presentations, Studio B, State of the University addresses, fine arts events, and others.

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