To request a room please contact ryan.corcoran@wichita.edu.

Flexible Learning Space 20

The Flexible Learning Space 20 (FLS 20) is based on a standard "Master Classroom" setup. It's a multi-faceted room that can accommodate groups up to 24. The FLS 20 is accommodated with dual projectors, a document camera, a PC computer, and a DVD/Blu-ray player. The FLS 20 has movable furniture that can make this room very flexible and useful for many types of meetings and training sessions. The room can be booked by WSU faculty and staff for training sessions, webinars, and meetings.

  • Two projectors
  • Document camera
  • Hookups for VGA or HDMI laptops
  • DVD/ Blu-ray player
  • Mobile cart web-based videoconferencing (Blackboard Collaborate, etc.)
  • Holds up to about 20-24 participants comfortably, with tables
Flexible Learning Space 35

This room is great for staff/ faculty that are looking for a space to meet, collaborate, and innovate. The Flexible Learning Space 35 is a multi-purpose studio facility that is a 40' by 30' soundproofed space with a 15' lighting grid. The facility includes three screens, three high-definition projectors, high-definition videoconferencing, and a entire room wireless mic system.  The furniture is easily arranged to meet many different needs. If you believe you have a project or event that could utilize the features of this room, please contact us to discuss your needs.

  • HD IP-based (H.323) videoconferencing
  • Three independent video projectors
  • Wireless mics
  • DVD/Blu-ray player
  • Mobile cart web-based videoconferencing (Blackboard Collaborate, etc.)
  • Holds up to 35 participants (more can be fit in room if tables are not needed)