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New Feature and Status Updates Available on http://blackboard.wichita.edu
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This site contains important information regarding the various Blackboard implementations. You are encouraged to visit this site regularly to best stay informed about some of the changes to Blackboard that are recently completed, underway and forthcoming. In addition to this sites information links, all users should take note of the updates to the Blackboard home page.

Explore the links on the right under Planning Details to stay informed about these investments, how it impacts you and how you may be involved. 

Notice the new Blackboard?

When you login to Blackboard, you are encouraged to note the modules at the top of all 3 columns. All modules may also be added directly into a course module page.

Left Column Middle Column Right Column
Help Resources Blackboard Updates My Announcements
This module contains information regarding what help options are available from 24/7 support to training and learning opportunities. This module contains information regarding preparation and planning activites for  a semester as well as updates related to new features.  This module contains information related to maintenance, issues and other service oriented updates that you should review when logging into Blackboard.

Blackboard Login Page

The modest changes to the interface are intended to highlight some new capabilities that will be discussed in planning during the spring semester as well as provide more direct access to important information about your Blackboard and related services/solutions.

As we work to update what information Banner and Blackboard have regarding users, we will discuss with the campus the possibilities of leveraging user roles and information to provide a customized experience in what will become a “virtual campus”. To become involved in this process, please visit the Planning Teams & Getting Involved page.