Instructional Design & Technology Staff

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John Jones

Manager, Instructional Design & Technology
(316) 978 - 7750

John Jones joined the MRC in 2014. Before that, he worked at NetApp as a Program Manager for Engineering Education. This is John's third position at WSU -- he has worked in the Alumni Association as the Director of Alumni Networks and in University Communications as the Managing Editor of the main university web site. In that position, John and his team developed the first iteration of the Department Tools.

John attended Wichita State University as a grad student, completing his MFA in Fiction in 1999. He also attended K-State, where he completed an MA in English and Creative Writing in 1996. He has ten years of teaching experience as a graduate assistant and adjunct for K-State, Butler County Community College, Newman University, and Wichita State University.


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Mary Morriss

Educational Technologist
(316) 978 - 7766

Mary's current role involves active involvement in Blackboard support with a focus on mentoring Adjunct Faculty, as well as continued direction of the WSU telecourse program. Her primary focus is on helping both students and faculty become more familiar and comfortable with learning in the online environment.

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