Instructional Design & Access Staff


Dr. Carolyn Speer Dr. Carolyn Speer

Manager, Instructional Design & Access
(316) 978-7555

Carolyn joined the MRC as an instructional designer in 2014. Prior to that, she worked as an Assistant Professor of English at Friends University and later as a freelance online instructional designer and online political science professor with various colleges across the country. Carolyn has her BA in political science from the University of Kansas and her MA in political science from the University of Iowa. In 2005, she received her Ph.D. in adult and continuing education from Kansas State. Since then, she has attended two years of culinary school at the Iowa Culinary Institute and is now finishing an MA in history at Wichita State.

Carolyn brings over twenty years of teaching and curriculum development experience along with her personal dedication to lifelong learning. She is student-driven in her approach to course and program development, and begins every project with the question, "what do the students need and want from this experience?"


Mary Morriss Mary Morriss, MA

Learning Management Systems Specialist
(316) 978-7766

Mary's current role involves active involvement in Blackboard support with a focus on mentoring Adjunct Faculty, as well as continued direction of the WSU telecourse program. Her primary focus is on helping both students and faculty become more familiar and comfortable with learning in the online environment.




Caleb K. WilsonCaleb K. Wilson

Digital Content Marketing Manager
(316) 978-7752

Caleb joined the MRC as the Digital Content Marketing Manager in 2014. Before joining the team, he worked as the Social Media and Marketing Coordinator for KWCH-TV and Sunflower Broadcasting, Inc. in Wichita. While there, Caleb managed social media accounts for the company's many brands, trained journalists and staff in digital best practices, and contributed on-air as the weekly "Tech Talk" segment digital expert. 

Caleb is a passionate advocate for social media and sharing its potential with others, especially those just getting started or looking to learn more.


Taylor MooreTaylor Moore, MA

Instructional Designer
(316) 978-7759

Taylor joined the MRC as an Instructional Designer in June 2015 after completing her BS and MA in Criminal Justice from Wichita State University. Before joining the IDT team, she worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the School of Community Affairs at WSU. There she assisted in the development and implementation of online course documents and assessments for many online Criminal Justice Courses.



Krystal Iseminger, MAKrystal Iseminger, MA

Instructional Designer
(316) 978-7765

Krystal joined the MRC as an Instructional Designer in June 2017 shortly after earning her MA in English. Krystal also holds a BA in Secondary English Education with a double major in English Language and Literature. Both of her degrees are from Wichita State University, and she is currently working on a BA in Spanish from WSU as well.

As a Graduate Teaching Assistant and adjunct instructor for the university, Krystal has taught both online and face-to-face courses, including English Composition 101 and 102, and English 230: Exploring Literature.


Dr. Freh W. WuhibDr. Freh W. Wuhib

Instructional Designer and Educational Technologist - STEM Focus
(316) 978-7837

Freh joined the MRC as an Instructional Designer and Educational Technologist, with STEM emphasis, in September 2017 after completing her PhD in Teaching and Curriculum from Syracuse University. She had a BEd in Chemistry, an MA in Educational Planning and Management. Prior to joining the team, she worked in different organization both in the US and abroad. To mention the most recent ones; she worked as a Planetarium Specialist and Teacher Trainer for an office under the New York Department of Education. She also worked as a graduate teaching and research assistant for the school of education at Syracuse University where she co-taught courses and collaborated in research teams. She also worked as a Teaching Mentor for new teaching assistants for the Graduate School of Syracuse University where she helped new teaching assistants on all the tools they need to have in order to be effective in their roles.


Jay CastorJay Castor

Educational Technologist
(316) 978-7730

Jay has been working in higher education for 24 years, having been affiliated with 20 different institutions in Missouri, Kansas, and California, in either a staff, consulting, or instructional capacity.

Jay holds a BA and MA in English, an MA in Curriculum & Instruction, and completed doctoral coursework in educational technology at KU.

Jay taught hybrid / online English and technology courses for 10 years at MU & KU and various community colleges in MO, KS, and CA.

Though not a Shocker himself, Jay's extended family is full of former and future Shockers.


Michael ColeMichael Cole

Educational Accessibility Tech
(316) 978-3557

Michael joined the MRC as a part-time contractor Instructional Designer in January 2016 and became a full-time staff member in June. He transitioned to the Educational Accessibility Tech in February 2017. Michael obtained his BA and MA in English Language and Literature at Wichita State University and is currently working on an MFA in Creative Writing.

As a Graduate Teaching Assistant and adjunct instructor for the university, Michael has taught both online and face-to-face courses, including English Composition 011, 013, 101, and 102. He has also taught English 210: Business Writing, English 230: Exploring Literature, and English 232R: Horror and the Supernatural.


JPEG Image Glenn Gunnels

Media Production Technician
(316) 978-7764

Glenn oversees the day-to-day customer service relations for CMS. He provides classroom technology tutorials for faculty and issues a key for the podiums and grey boxes upon completion of training.




JPEG Image Mike Marlett

Website Manager
(316) 978-7755

Mike has been involved in websites and web development since 1994, when you could have your page any color you wanted, as long as you wanted it gray.




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