Video Conferencing

Wichita State University provides the webconferencing tool, Blackboard Collaborate, to all faculty, staff, and students free of charge. Collaborate allows anyone with a computer and a webcam to perform powerful videoconferencing over the Internet with any person in the world. The software not only allows you to see and hear guests, but you can also host webinars, give presentations, and even share applications on your computer with a virtually unlimited number of guests. Access for students is limited to its use within an enrolled course or organization. For more information on Blackboard Collaborate, including how to receive training, please visit this page.
The University now has only limited support for the older, hardware-based video teleconferencing systems (H.323, i.e. Polycom, Cicso, etc.). We are encouraging all faculty and staff to become proficient with Collaborate in order to lower our dependency on these legacy systems. If you have questions about the use of this type of videoconferencing, please contact Ryan Corcoran at ryan.corcoran@wichita.edu.
To schedule video conferencing services, please use the CMS Service Request Form.
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