Multicultural Student Mentoring Program

Mission Statement

The Multicultural Student Mentoring Program (MSMP) facilitates the retention, academic success, holistic development and timely graduation of all minority students at WSU, through academic support services, educational and cultural programming, interpersonal relationships and mentoring.


By participating in MSMP, students will be able to….

  • Appreciate other students from diverse backgrounds.
  •  Demonstrate accountability for their learning experiences and academic success.
  •  Identify key university resources that will assist them in their retention and graduation.
  •  Effectively practice developmental skills such as time management, study skills and     career planning.
  •  Create relationships with a network of peers, faculty and staff on campus.

Overall Benefits of MSMP

  •  Free one-on-one tutoring
  •  Weekly Group Study Sessions
  •  Individual attention from a peer mentor
  •  Student advocacy
  •  Opportunities for leadership development and involvement
  •  Access to academic support and resources
  •  Free laptop computers for check-out
  •  Community service opportunities
  •  Study skills and personal development workshops
  •  Career development
  •  One-one-one advisor-advisee relationship
  •  Social Events
  • GradesFirst Early Alert Services

* All students are encouraged to attend MSMP Group Study Sessions, 3:00 to 6:00 p.m., Wednesdays  in Lindquist 111 and Thursdays in Lindquist 104.

Getting Involved in MSMP

There are three ways you can get involved with MSMP

  1. Become a Mentee - You must be a domestic undergraduate minority freshmen, sophomore or a new transfer student at Wichita State University. Apply Now!
  2. Become a Mentor - You must be a sophomore, junior or senior at Wichita State University, who is willing to give individual attention to underrepresented students
  3. Become a Tutor - Provide one-on-one academic support to students within MSMP.

Interested in becoming a mentor or tutor?

Benefits for a Tutor/ Mentor

  • A sense of accomplishment and pride in helping someone else
  • Increased academic mastery
  • Increased self esteem and confidence
  • Enhanced sense of connection to the campus and Wichita community
  • Valuable career related experience
  • Resume building
  • Learn by teaching
  • Get paid for helping others

To apply to be a Mentor or Tutor, contact Natalie Toney at natalie.toney@wichita.edu.

For additional information about MSMP please address inquiries to Program Coordinator, Natalie Toney or MSMP Student Program Assistant, Crystal Davis at MSMP@wichita.edu.