The Master of Music Education has suggested courses to meet Your Needs:


Elementary Vocal General Music

MUSE 821 Administration and Leadership (3 hrs)

MUSE 831 Developing the Child's Musical Understanding (3 hrs)

MUSE 617 Literacy Strategies in the Content Area: Music (2 hrs)

Kodaly Emphasis in General Music:  Courses from MUSE 761-766 per advisor's direction.  Students who add this option may be eligible to Graduate with their OAKE Endorsed Kodaly Certification. 

Choral Music

MUSE 790C Choral Rehearsal Techniques (2 hrs)
MUSP 691 Advanced Choral Conducting (2 hrs)

2-3 hours from the following:
MUSE 732 Music in the Junior High School (3 hrs)
MUSE 835 Seminar in Vocal Music Education Materials (2 hrs)
MUSE 753 Choral Literature I (Renaissance, Baroque) (2 hrs)
MUSE 754 Choral Literature II (Classical, Romantic and Contemporary) (2 hrs) 


Instrumental Music

6 hours from the following:

MUSE 686 Marching Band Techniques (2 hrs)
MUSE 790B Band Rehearsal Techniques (2 hrs)
MUSE 784 Instrumental Music in the Elementary and Jr. High School (2 hrs)
MUSE 785 Instrumental Music Organization and Administration (2 hrs)
MUSE 845A Seminar in Instrumental Music Education Literature (2 hrs)
MUSP 651 Advanced Conducting and Score Reading


6-7 hours from the following:

MUSP 625 Voice Pedagogy I (2 hrs)
MUSP 725 Voice Pedagogy II (2 hrs)
MUSC 623 Opera Literature (3 hrs)
MUSC 624 Oratorio and Cantata Literature (2 hrs)
MUSC 726 Voice Literature (3 hrs)

Special Music Education

MUSE 611 Music for Special Education (2 hrs)
MUSE 822 Advanced Techniques in Special Music Education (3 hrs)
MUSE 823 Special Music Education Practicum (3 hrs)