Workshops and Presentations 2015


MKEMA Workshop: Wichita Oct 24-26, 2015

Bernstorf and Vanausdall Session:  Tuning the Eye, Sharpening the Ear

Handout,  Powerpoint, Research Article

International Kodaly Symposium: Edinburgh, Scotland

Bernstorf, Kaser, McGovern and Vanausdall: Music as Therapeutic Education,

Handout, Powerpoint,  Marion Blank question protocol


KMEK Workshop:

See www.kmek.org for detail or follow KMEK on Facebook.  FLYER HERE!

Clinician:  WSU Alum and Grad Student--Lindsay Jervis

Info:  9-12 am, Oatville Elementary School, 4335 South Hooever Road, Haysville, KS

At this workshop, Lindsay will walk you through the steps she takes when she creates rhythmic and melodic visuals for her classroom. Bring your laptop and create alongside her in PowerPoint. There will be built in work time so that you can leave with visuals you can use in your classroom.

Mrs. Jervis has been teaching elementary music for five years and is currently teaching at Oatville Elementary School in USD 261. She completed her Kodály Certificate at Wichita State University and is working towards her Masters in Music with a Kodaly Emphasis at WSU. In 2013, Lindsay began creating resources for the Kodaly inspired classroom. She shares her ideas and creations on her blog at pursuitofjoyfulness.blogspot.com as well as on TeachersPayTeachers.com, an open marketplace where teachers can share with other teachers around the world.


Summer Workshops:

REGISTRATION for CREDIT is an ONLINE registration process and requires admission to the graduate school either as a degree bound or non-degree student. Click here to apply to the WSU graduate school. If you have questions about the workshop content, contact the person listed on the workshop description.   Costs for Summer 2015 Workshop Credit vary according to location and fees.   Offerings and costs are subject to change. For graduate admission assistance contact:  Mark Foley, Graduate Coordinator mark.foley@wichita.edu, or John Paul Johnson, Summer Workshop Coordinator johnpaul.johnson@wichita.edu

Please try to be admitted as soon as possible if you plan to take summer workshops.  Then, try to enroll before the workshops begin.   If that is not possible, we may be able to help you enroll on site but it may delay posting to your transcript. 

NON-CREDIT registration is $60.00 (with the exception of the Kodaly program) payable to WSU School of Music Workshops.  Offerings and costs are subject to change.  Contact johnpaul.johnson@wichita.edu workshop graduate program questions or the contact person listed below for each individual workshop.


June Workshops: 2015

For information on Kodaly Certification Courses-- see www.wichita.edu/kodaly

Kodaly Applications: June 1-12.  MUS E 767 (CRN# 32968)  2 credit hours.  NOTE:  Only students who have completed the Kodaly Certification levels may participate in this workshop. Contact: steve.oare@wichita.edu

Kodaly Children's Choir: June 1-7. MUS E 750P (CRN# 32960)  1 credit hour.
Participants may observe Elaine Quillichini in her work with the children's choir for 15 hours during the choir week by arrangement. 
Contact: steve.oare@wichita.edu

Hillside Connection: Arranged by contract for June. MUSE 750U (CRN#32625) 1 credit hour
The Hillside Connection is designed for music educators attending a special conference or workshop.  The Hillside Connection will help participants apply what they have learned to their individual school setting.  WSU faculty will consult with participants individually. 
Contact: elaine.bernstorf@wichita.edu

Contact: johnpaul.johnson@wichita.edu

 General Music Workshop: Contact: elaine.bernstorf@wichita.edu


The Comprehensive Choral Director:  CANCELLED  June 24 - 26.  MUSE 790c
(1 hr). Clinicians: Tom Wine, Michael Hanawalt, JohnPaul Johnson and Jeanne Vance.
Contact: tom.wine@wichita.edu.


Technology for the Music Classroom June 29-30. (1 hr). MUSE 750AJ Recording, sound amplification, creative applications, and educational applications. Clinicians: Aleks Sternfeld-Dunn & Steve Dare.
Contact: steve.oare@wichita.edu.


July Workshops 

Instrument Repair : July 7-9. (1 hr). MUSE 750 AJ (CRN# 33321)  Instrument repair for the band and orchestra director. Clinician: Fred Sullivan from Lighthouse Music Services.
Contact: steve.oare@wichita.edu.


Orchestra Conducting: Dates July 20-23   MUS E 750AF (CRN# 33176 ) 2 credits
Guest Clinician: Jeffrey Grogan, New Jersey Youth Symphony InterSchool Orchestras of New York and Mark Laycock, Wichita State University. For detailed  information:  Conducting Workshop Link
Contact: mark.laycock@wichita.edu.


KBA Kansas Bandmasters July 16-18 MUSE 750D (CRN# 32959)  Contact:  steve.oare@wichita.edu 
For more information:  www.kansasbandmasters.com

Hillside Connection  Arranged by contract.  MUE 750U (CRN#32626 - July only) 1 credit hour
The Hillside Connection is designed for music educators attneding a special conference or workshop.  The Hillside Connection will help participants apply what they have learned to their individual school setting.  WSU faculty will consult with participants individually.  Contact: tom.wine@wichita.edu.



WSU Faculty Presentations and Handouts


International Symposium on Assessment in Music Ed

2015 Williamsburg: Hansen and Bernstorf  Assessing Artistic Literacy in Core Music Standards

Southcoast Music Education Research Symposium

2015 Tampa: Oare, Bernstorf, and Giray Powerpoint: From Common Core to Common Score


ISME (International Society for Music Education)

2014 Brazil, Porto Alegre:  Bernstorf, Kobialka, Jones and Jones:  Layering Music, Language and Literacy for Inclusion

Additional handouts:  Kobialka Listening Template; Bernstorf Differentiation Chart; Bernstorf Differentiation KMR article


NAfME (National Association for Music Education)

2014 Nashville: Bernstorf and Hansen Special Learners Pre-Conference Session Hanouts

Music and LIteracy: Adaptations for Special Learners

HandoutDifferentiation Chart, Powerpoint

2014 St. Louis:  Bernstorf and Hansen Session

2012  St. Louis:  Bernstorf and Oare Powerpoint:  Implications of Inclusion: Don't be Outwitted

2012 St. Louis:  Oare and Bernstorf: PDAE


Southwest Division NAfME/TMEC

2011 Dallas:  Bernstorf, Hunt and Johnson Poweroint:  Tattoos, Timecards, and Technology

KMEA (Kansas Music Educators Association)

2015 KMEA Special Learners Sessions:

  • McGovern, Kaser, Vanausdall, Bernstorf: AAA Session
  • Bernstorf, Jones and Kobialka Session
  • Hedden and Bernstorf Session:


2014 KMEA Special Learners Sessions: Scott Iseminger 

2014 KMEA Research Poster:  Bernstorf and Kobialka

2013 KMEA Board meeting:  Bernstorf and Brezinkofer: 

2013-2014  Research Session:  Ricketts, McKellar, Bernstorf, Ellsworth:  Relationships Between Instrumental Music Participation and Academic Achievement in Low SES Students

2012  KBA Session:   Oare and Bernstorf:  Integrating Reading:  What's the Score?

2012  Research Session:  Oare and Bernstorf:  PDAE Grant: USD 259 and WSU Kodaly Training


OAKE (Organization of American Kodaly Educators) 

2014  Atlanta:  Bernstorf, Oare, Hirsh, Simmelink, Taylor Session:  Student Teachers and Kodaly

2012  Phoenix Bernstorf Poster Session:  Preschool Music in the US and Kenya

2012 Phoneix  Bernstorf Poster Session:  Accentuating Literacy

2011  Dallas:  Bernstorf and Johnson:  Communication Aritistry through Choral Literacy


School District Professional Development

2012  Bernstorf:  Music and Literacy for Shawnee Mission Kansas School District