Graduate Student Peer Coaching Circles

Your graduate studies will be a time of great development and learning but it is not uncommon to also face challenges that are both academic and personal. Some of these challenges might not have a clear solution. In the worst cases, you also might not have a very large amount of trusted associates to support you through the process. The Graduate School would like to help build a strong community so you can make progress on these difficult challenges through a process known as Peer Coaching Circles.

So what are Peer Coaching Circles? Coaching circles are based on an internationally-known process called Action Learning. They include a series of highly focused meetings among a small group of peers, all committed to meeting real-life challenges or goals. The coaching circles are not study groups. They are places to help each other by asking questions, challenging ideas, pooling information, and holding each other accountable for your progress in between sessions. The circle ends when the meetings end, so there is no long-term commitment required.

The process is overseen by a trained facilitator who will help train you in the process of peer coaching. After completing the program you will receive a non-credit badge through the university, as well as the skill sets that you can take into your personal and professional life. Coaching circles are used all over the country in businesses, non-profits, and laboratories.

Peer Coaching Circles Application


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