Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are engineered systems that are built from, and depend upon, the seamless integration of computational algorithms and physical components. The communications and networking challenges associated with realizing CPS is often termed the research area of Networked CPS. An increasing number and types of devices can sense and impact the environment around them. These devices can vary from small wireless communicating devices to large systems, communicating locally among themselves or over networks to cloud servers. The environments in which these devices will be expected to operate are diverse and range from operating underwater to flying in the air, being used in manufacturing facilities to being used for personal communications. Realizing Networked CPS thus presents a rich set of research challenges that need to be addressed in areas such as indoor and outdoor positioning and localization, wireless communications and networking, security and privacy, cloud computing, mobile and wearable computing, and data analytics. The communications and networking challenges associated with Networked CPS go beyond those of just networked systems through a greater emphasis on the integration of physical components into systems. 

Some CPS particpants can expect to work with at the NetCPS site are shown below.

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