This page is a work in progress and additional details are expected to be added closer to the application deadline.


If flying in to Wichita, participants will be asked to book their flights using a travel agent of WSU, This will eliminate the need for a reimbursement of airfare costs to particpants. Each participant has an allowance upto $600 including reservation charges. 

Those coming in using other modes of transportation will be asked to present travel cost related receipts upon arrival for reimbursements. The maximum allowance for travel related expenses is $600 per participant.


Each participant will be provided a furnished shared room at Shocker Hall. More information about this dormitory can be found here. Shocker Hall is at the center of campus. Lodging costs are the responsbility of the REU site administrators and particpants will not be billed except for any incidental expenses.


Each participant will be provided with an allowance to spend on meals, worth $120 per week and $1080 in total. This allows particpants to choose from either on-campus or off-campus options.


Each participant will be provided $500 per week ($4500 for 9 weeks) paid out bi-weekly.  


Wichita Transit runs buses through the WSU campus that can be used to reach most locations within the city.

WSU is a ZipCar site, convenient for those wanting to rent cars for short durations.

Transportation to and from the Airport (and WSU) is most convenient using taxis or Uber/Lyft. Expect to pay between $30-50 one-way. 

Although having a car is not necessary, particpants from locations that are a reasonable drive away find it more convenient to bring their vehicle for transportation during the site period.