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Looking for a tutor for a specific class? Please review the resources below, and if there is not already an existing resouce for your subject, select "Find a Tutor" from the list below.

Existing Course-Specific Resources

Additional Resources

Click here if you are interested in becoming a tutor for us next academic year (fall and/or spring semester).

Existing Course-Specific Resources

The tutoring resources that are available on campus during the academic school year are listed below.

Beta Alpha Psi, the fraternity for accounting majors, has a tutoring service for students in ACCT 210 and 220.

  • 203 Clinton Hall
  • Tuesdays, 9-11 a.m.

For More Information: Contact Patricia O'Sullivan at patricia.osullivan@wichita.edu or 316-978-5393.

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The Chemistry department offers free tutoring in McKinley Hall throughout the week. The schedule may vary and is posted on the door of McKinley 323.

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Free walk-in tutoring for ECON 201, 202 and 231 is available for students Monday - Friday during Spring and Fall semesters.

  • 125, 115 or 117 (main office) Clinton Hall

For more information call the office at 316-978-3220 or contact Brenda Lehman at brenda.lehman@wichita.edu.

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GEEKS is a free tutoring program available to any engineering student. Tutoring is available for math, science and basic engineering classes. Group and individual sessions are offered throughout the academic year. GEEKS was created to help students through the core engineering classes.

  • 118 Wallace Hall (unless otherwise indicated on the schedule)

For more information: GEEKS website or contact Anna Sharpe, anna.sharpe@wichita.edu.

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The Logic Clinic offers free tutoring on a drop-in basis to students enrolled in PHIL 125 Introduction to Logic. Please check Blackboard for hours information.

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The Math Lab provides free tutoring on a drop-in basis during posted hours for students. No appointment is necessary. Students are encouraged to stop in at their convenience.

  • 371 Jabara Hall
  • 316-978-3160

For more information and hours, visit the Math Lab website.

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The Physics lab provides free assistance to students during posted hours. No appointment is necessary.

  • 029 Jabara Hall
  • Monday - Friday: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Monday - Thursday: 2-5:30 p.m.

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Writing Help
The Writing Center offers free services for students enrolled in any course at WSU. Tutors offer assistance with all aspects of writing. No appointment is necessary, but appointments can be scheduled.

  • 601 Lindquist Hall
  • 316-978-3173

For more information, visit the Writing Center website.

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Find a Tutor
If there is not already an existing resouce for your subject, click here to request a tutor.

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Additional Resources

Supplemental Instruction
Supplemental Instruction is a series of weekly guided sessions for students taking select courses (see current list). SI is provided for all students who want to improve their understanding of course material and improve their grades. At each session students are guided by an SI Leader, a successful student who has previously taken the course. SI Leaders receive special training and are supervised. Students who participate in SI earn on average one half letter grade higher than students who do not participate in SI.

For more information, visit the SI Website or contact Heidi Rodrick, heidi.rodrick@wichita.edu, 978-3298.

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Study Skills
The Student Success Specialist can connect you with training and/or resources to improve your study skills, including text book reading, taking notes, time management, and studying for tests. Watch for free workshops that are typically held during each semester.

For more information, contact Sarah Sell at sarah.sell@wichita.edu or 978-3207.

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Test Anxiety
WSU’s Counseling and Testing Center offers a variety of services including help for test anxiety, procrastination, self-structuring, and organization. The Counseling and Testing Center can also test and provide services for ADHD and Learning Disabilities. Contact the office to set up an appointment.

  • 100 Brennan Hall II

For more information, contact Wanda Holt, office manager, at 978-3440.

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Standardized Testing Prep
The Counseling and Testing Center on campus offers workshops throughout the semseter to help students prepare for standardized tests, including the ACT, the GRE, and others.

  • 100 Brennan Hall II
  • 316-978-3440

For more information, visit the Counseling and Testing Center Website.

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First Generation College Students (Neither of my parents received a four-year college degree)
Student Support Services (SSS) provides several academic support services to help qualified students to persist and graduate from WSU. Services provided include individualized semester-long peer tutoring, academic success skills and math skills development, course selection, academic advisement, degree planning, financial literacy skills development, scholarships, textbook loan library, career exploration, use of a technology learning lab and graduate school advisement.

  • 112 Hubbard Hall
  • 316-978-3715

For more information, visit the SSS website.

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Students with Disabilities
Disability Support Services is designed to meet the education needs of students with disabilities. The DSS provides academic advising, a computer lab and free tutoring. Students with disabilities may also be eligible for Student Support Services if they meet the qualifying criteria.

  • 150 Grace Wilkie Annex
  • 316-978-5949

For more information, visit the DSS website.

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Multicultural Students interested in academic excellence
The Multicultural Student Mentoring Program (MSMP) is the primary academic support unit in the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMA). Our primary mission is promoting academic excellence among freshmen and new transfer multicultural students at WSU. MSMP facilitates enhanced retention by providing a number of support services.

  • 208 Rhatigan Student Center
  • 316-978-3034

For more information, visit the OMA MSMP website or email msmp@wichita.edu.

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