Office of Student Success End-of-Year Review, FY16

Students define success differently. Our office helps students maximize their academic
potential and reach their personal goals through a range of programs and services, regardless
of personal background.

Our work is focused in five areas: academic success programs, first-year programs, military
and veteran student support, student money management and online student support.

Our goal is to help students develop skills and plans to graduate in a timely manner
while engaging with our community of learners.

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     Download a PDF of our End-of-Year Report here.




JPEG Image Student Success

Lead campus-wide retention events and initiatives to help the university achieve persistence and graduation goals.

2015-2016 department-wide initiatives included: expanding and improving current services, infusing technology into services, improving cross-divisional and departmental partnerships

  • 2,441 Total Success Plan Completed
  • Student Success Collaborative Outreach (SSC)
    • 1,113 Students Contacted
    • 80 Faculty, Staff Trained in SSC
    • 8 Campaigns Completed

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Academic Success Programs

Free academic success services available for undergraduate students.
Tutoring • Study Skills Assistance • Success Plans • Supplemental Instruction

2015-2016 initiatives included: enhancing marketing, improving student staff
satisfaction and expanding learning opportunities through technology.

  • Tutoring

    • 18 Tutors
    • 365 Tutor Requests
    • 187 Students Tutored
    • 1,092 Tutoring Sessions Held
    • 1,525 Hours Tutored
    • 97 Students referred to other on-campus services
    • 29 Subjects/Courses Tutored
      • Beginning Algebra
      • Business Calculus
      • Business Statistics
      • Calculus I
      • Calculus II
      • College Algebra
      • Differential Equations
      • Elementary French I
      • Elementary French II
      • Elementary Japanese
      • Elementary Spanish I
      • Elementary Spanish II
      • Elementary Statistics
      • Financial Accounting
      • General Psychology
      • Geography
      • Intermediate Algebra
      • Intermediate French
      • Intermediate Spanish
      • Introduction to
      • Sociology
      • Introductory
      • Chemistry
      • Introductory Logic
      • Macroeconomics
      • Managerial
      • Accounting
      • Microeconomics
      • Physics for Scientists
      • Physics I
      • Psychological
      • Statistics
      • Trigonometry
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI)

    • 54 Faculty Partners
    • 32 SI Leaders
    • 110 Class Sections Supported
    • 1,961 Students Attended
    • 11,507 Contact Hours

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First-Year Programs

A collection of programs and services available for students new to campus.
Orientation • Peer Mentoring • Social Events • Transition Workshops • WSU Reads

2015-2016 initiatives included: implementing a new leadership training co-op class for student staff, establishing partnership with housing to provide overnight accommodations to guests for the two-day freshman programs.

  • Orientation

    • Summer and Fall 2016 Orientation Attendance
      • 1,150 Freshmen
      • 771 Transfer Students
      • 361 Adult Learners
      • 576 Online (Late, Online Degrees, etc.)
      • 885 Guests
    • Summer and Fall 2015 Contact Hours
      • 25,026 Total Program Contact Hours
      • 17,250 Freshman Programs
      • 4,527 Transfer Programs
      • 3,249 Adult Learner Programs
    • Spring 2016 Orientation
      • 244 Attendance
      • 223 Online
      • 39 Faculty/Staff Presentations
      • 405 Contact Hours
  • Transition Programs

    • 16 Transition Programs
    • 1,787 Program Attendees
    • 11,650 Emails sent to mentees

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Military and Veteran Student Center (MVSC)

A lounge and study area for students with military experience and military dependents.
Peer Mentoring • Study Groups • Tutoring • Free Printing

2015-2016 initiatives included: gaining acceptance into the PAVE program to provide vet-to-vet mentoring, obtaining a therapy dog to be used in the center, increasing social event offerings for peer connection.

  • 11,013 Total visits
  • 918 Average visits per month
  • 45 Average visits per day

MVSC Programs

  • Mentoring: Volunteer veteran mentors from different majors reach out to new students who are veterans, current military or dependents.
  • Tutoring: Volunteer veterans help other veterans with tutoring for specific classes. Most sessions happen in the MVSC or the library.
  • Study Groups: Several study groups have formed for classes in which multiple veterans are enrolled.
  • Textbook Lending: A textbook-lending library gives students a chance to check out textbooks for a few weeks if their GI Bill funding has not been applied. All of the books have been donated by students.
  • SVO: The Student Veterans Organization has a membership of around 100 students and holds regular events to provide social connections.

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Office for Student Money Management (OSMM)

Resources for students to manage finances in college and beyond.
College Financial Planning • Student Loan Debt Management • Monthly Spending Plans • Free Tax Preparation Services

2015-2016 initiatives included: continuing the commitment to maintain MCMP, helping students create a financial plan for college, assisting students to help them reach financial independence and continuing the tax-prep service.

  • 98 Teaching Resource Accounts on MyCollegeMoneyPlan.org
  • 37 States Using MyCollegeMoneyPlan.org
  • 2,013 People who enrolled in MyCollegeMoneyPlan.org this academic year
  • $106,200 Estimated Tax Preparation Fees saved for the WSU Community
  • 124 Financial Counseling Appointments
  • 532 Tax Appointments
  • 1,342 Outreach and Event Attendees
  • 1,749 Presentation Attendees

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Online Retention

Resources and support for students in online degree programs.

2015-2016 initiatives included: monitoring students in online degree programs through Blackboard analytics and the Student Success Collaborative, outreach to scholarship recipients and other students, establishing a point of contact for instructors, departments and online advisors for student support and referral.

  • 1,060 Emails sent to Online Students
  • 535 Students Reached this Academic Year
  • 50 SmarterMeasure Assessments Completed
  • Online Retention Supports:
    • 9 Undergraduate Programs
    • 4 Graduate Programs
    • 3 Degree Completions
    • 2 Badges and Certificate programs

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