Logic Clinic

What is the Logic Clinic?

Like any clinic, it exists to help you. The Logic Clinic (LC) tutors can help you adjust to the kind of thinking required in Logic classes.

For many students, the systematic approach to thinking through Logic problems is a new experience, and it helps to have access to students who have been through it before. Visiting the LC is completely voluntary and free, but it is an opportunity to discuss difficult concepts or homework problems with LC tutors and other classmates.

Just remember, it is a supplement to attending class, not a substitute for it. The LC is a partnership between the Philosophy Department and the Department of the Supplemental Instruction with the goal of improving your success rate as a student of Logic.

When can I come to the LC?

LC tutors will be in Hubbard Hall 123 at the designated hours beginning the second week of class

  • Starting fall 2016 through spring 2017, the Logic Clinic is temporarily located in Hubbard Hall 123, due to the remodeling of Fiske Hall. We expect to move back to Fiske Hall 003 in summer 2017.

The sooner you start visiting the LC, the better chance you will have of achieving higher grades in the class. We recommend that you go as early in a session as possible to ensure you have access to a tutor.