Peer Leaders in WSU 101

Be a Leader!
Peer Leaders co-facilitate WSU 101 Introduction to the University courses with instructors. You will assist the instructor in providing learning opportunities to connect students with resources on campus, master study skills, and make important decisions in college. You will work with students in class and one-on-one outside of class. Whether you anticipate a future in teaching, management, or doing collaborative projects, this opportunity will give you experience in being a leader.

Make a Difference!
Peer Leaders have the opportunity to influence the lives of freshmen. Whether you spent your first year at WSU at the top of your classes, or you worked hard to overcome challenges to success, you have unique experience to share with new freshmen.

Do you want help others be successful in college? Being a Peer Leader is your opportunity to make your mark on the University.

Build Skills for Your Résumé!
Peer leaders receive exclusive leadership training, gaining credentials that can be applied to many different career tracks. A class will be provided for Peer Leaders to learn communication skills, management techniques, and project management strategies through valuable classroom experiences which can be applied to the Peer Leader role and beyond.

Get with the Program!
If you are interested in being a Peer Leader for the Office of Student Success, email student.success@wichita.edu for application information.