• Subject-Specific Tutoring
    Resources are available on campus during the academic school year for accounting, chemistry, economics, engineering, logic, math, physics and writing.

  • Drop-In Tutoring
    Drop-in tutoring for specific subjects is available through the Office of Student Success each semester. Subjects include chemistry, biology, German, Spanish and physics.

  • Supplemental Instruction (SI)
    Supplemental Instruction is an international program offered at Wichita State of weekly review sessions developed to assist students with learning material in traditionally difficult classes. Sessions are led by a student who has previously succeeded in the course and focus on collaborative and active learning. Research has proven that students who participate in SI earn about half a letter grade better than those who do not. Visit the link above to see which courses offer SI.

  • Departmental Tutoring
    Tutoring is offered through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, WSU South and WSU West.

  • If none of the resources above meet your tutoring needs, click here to request a tutor.

Becoming a Tutor

Interested in becoming a tutor during the next academic year, fall and/or spring semester(s)?
Learn more about becoming a tutor and apply here.