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JPEG Image About our Peer Tutoring Program

The Office of Student Success offers FREE one-on-one and small group tutoring for:

  • currently enrolled WSU undergraduate students
  • undergraduate general education courses that are NOT already supported by existing university resources

These tutoring sessions must be held on the WSU campus.

JPEG Image About our Peer Tutors

Tutoring is provided by trained peer tutors who assist students in:

  • strengthening their understanding of class materials
  • comprehending the textbook
  • organizing assignments
  • improving general learning and study skills

JPEG Image Existing Resources

If there is an existing campus resource for the course(s) you are seeking tutoring or if your course offers Supplemental Instruction, you WILL be directed to the resource(s) first.

JPEG Image  Subject-specific tutoring is available on campus during the academic school year for the subjects listed below. For more information on these existing academic resources, click here.

  • Accounting (Accounting Lab)
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • Engineering (GEEKS)
  • Logic
  • Math (Math Lab)
  • Physics
  • Writing (Writing Center)

JPEG Image  Supplemental Instruction is an international program offered at Wichita State of weekly review sessions developed to assist students with learning material in traditionally difficult classes.

  • Sessions are led by a student who has previously succeeded in the course and focus on collaborative and active learning.
  • Research has proven that students who participate in SI earn about half a letter grade better than those who do not.
  • Click here to see which courses offer SI.

JPEG Image  Departmental tutoring is offered by Office of Diversity and Inclusion, WSU South Campus and WSU West Campus. Click here to learn more.

If there is a legitimate reason that these resources will not work for you, please explain in the notes section of your request and your request will be considered.

JPEG Image Guidelines: Dos and Don'ts

The best way to guarantee you get the help you need is to reach out early. In order for tutoring to be successful and work for you, please see the guidelines below:


  • Apply for a tutor early in the semester and at the first signs that a class or concept may be difficult
  • Come to the tutoring session prepared
  • Attend all of our classes
  • Read assigned texts
  • Attempt assigned problems before your tutoring session
  • Use other resources such as the instructor's office hours and TA office hours
  • Bring all of our course materials with you to each tutoring appointment
    • Textbook(s), syllabus, notes, handouts, previous tests and/or test results, and a calculator, if needed
  • Work toward mastering concepts and skills rather than focusing on obtaining the answers to specific questions. Tutors will guide you in the process.
  • Maintain a good attitude about the subject and your potential to excel.
    • A positive attitude, combined with willingness to seek appropriate help and exercising solid work habits, will do much to determine how well you do in the course.


  • Wait until the day before an assignment is due or when you're already severely struggling in the course to seek tutoring
    • It takes at least 48 hours for a tutor match to be made.
    • Additionally, we may have to hire a new tutor for your specific request, which could take up to three weeks.
  • Don't get frustrated!
    • Virtually every student will be challenged at some point with course work.

Following these guidelines will help you use your limited time with a tutor wisely and enable an interaction that focuses on you mastering the concepts and skills needed to excel in the course.

JPEG Image Important Dates

  • The last day to apply for tutoring for the spring 2016 semester is April 18th.
  • We will begin taking requests for the summer 2016 semester on May 23rd (please note in the specific requests if your class is a pre-session).
    • The last day to request tutoring for summer 2016 classes will be July 18th.
  • We will begin taking requests for the fall 2016 semester on August 8th (please note in the specific request if your class is a pre-session).

JPEG Image Requesting a Tutor

After reading the material above, click here to request a tutor.

JPEG Image  After your request is submitted, please allow up to 48 business hours for a response.
JPEG Image  If there is a legitimate reason that a existing academic resource(s) will not work for you, please explain in the notes section of your request and your request will be considered.