WSU Peer Connections

Ensure your academic and social success at Wichita State! 

LANDING PAGE IMAGESWhat is Wichita State Peer Connections?
Peer Connections is a program that matches new students with peer leaders who will help them in the transition to WSU. Students will attend regular. one-on-one meetings with their peer leader, be invited to study sessions, receive information about getting involved on campus and attend valuable study skills sessions offered throughout the semester.

Why YOU should be a part of this program.
As a new college student, you are responsible for your own learning and success. If you get a little overwhelmed just thinking about what lies ahead, this program can help. Our experienced peer leaders will answer any question you have and get you connected to other students, faculty and staff who can help you.

But I don’t need the help!
At some point, college students meet challenges they weren’t expecting—even the most prepared. Sometimes you just need another student to talk to who can offer an objective point of view. Someone who has “been there, done that,” and survived. Our peer leaders are successful and involved, but they have made mistakes, too. This is an opportunity to learn from some of the best resources WSU can offer.

I already went to Orientation, why would I need Peer Connections?
You went to Orientation, huh? How good are your notes? If you are a part of this program, we will not only build upon the information you learned during Orientation, but better yet, we’ll apply the tips and tricks you learned to YOUR interests, YOUR abilities and YOUR life. This program is about YOU (in case you haven’t figured that out yet).

OK, so how do I qualify for Peer Connections?
It’s easy! You just need to be a new student to WSU in either the summer or fall of 2014 and enroll in at least six credit hours. We will expect you to be committed to your own learning and success as a Shocker.

STUDENTSHow do I sign up?
Simply send an email to peer.connections@wichita.edu with your name, major and contact information and the coordinator will contact you within the first two weeks of classes. You may also sign up in person in the Academic Center for Excellence in 115 Hubbard Hall.

How do I stay in good standing with Peer Connections?
We will invest time and resources into you, and we expect your full participation in the program. We expect you to respond to your peer leader, attend regular meetings and make an effort to succeed at WSU. If you are committed to your own learning and success, we are committed to helping you!

If you would like additional information, please call 978-3209 or send an email to peer.connections@wichita.edu.