Topics in WSU 101

A team of faculty and staff worked together, using the best practices in undergraduate first-year programming, to develop the curriculum for WSU 101.  Some of the topics students in all sections of WSU 101 will explore include:

  • Collegiate expectations
  • Academic majors
  • Careers and life planning
  • Study skills and test taking
  • Teaching and learning styles
  • Respecting diversity of thought and culture
  • Critical thinking
  • University policies and procedures
  • Managing time and money
  • Health and wellness
  • Benefits of engagement in student organizations

Several versions of the course are offered. All versions of the course are based on the same essential content; some colleges supplement the core content with college-specific information about majors, degree requirements, careers and other specialized material. You can find the class times in the schedule of courses under the following course numbers by college. If your college is not in this list, it is not participating and you should speak to your academic advisor about the options available to you.
          WSUA 101 – Liberal Arts & Sciences majors, Undecided majors (elective)
          WSUD 101 – Education majors (elective)
          WSUH 101 – Health Professions majors (elective)
          HNRS 101 – Honors Program (elective)

Course Schedules

In Fall 2013 WSU 101 will be taught on both a Monday/Wednesday/Friday and  a Tuesday/Thursday/Friday schedule. See the Schedule of Courses for more specific information such as class times.