Faculty Report

Office of Institutional Research


Faculty Consolidated Report:

The Faculty Consolidated Report provides a variety of information about faculty and other unclassified professional staff including demographics, retention, and aggregate salary data.  The report is part of the annual data collection by the Kansas Board of Regents.


Teaching Load:

Teaching Load report provides a detailed record for each course section including: CRN, course name, credit hours, enrollment, student credit hours generated, and the instructor by college and department.

Link: https://reporting.wichita.edu/Reports/Pages/Folder.aspx?ItemPath=%fTeaching+Load&ViewMode=List

*WSU ID and Password Required


FSSE(Faculty Survey of Student Engagement):

Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE) is the faculty survey designed to complement the NSSE survey. Faculty are asked to respond to a series of questions similar to the items found on the NSSE with a focus switched to faculty opinions and perceptions.  For a complete list of items, see http://fsse.iub.edu/pdf/TS_Item_Descriptors_2011.pdf   Examples of items are as follows:

1. How important is it that undergraduates participate in … a practicum, internship, field experience, study abroad, foreign language course work?
2. To what extent does your institution emphasize students spending significant time… studying, interacting with students from different cultural, socioeconomic and ethnic groups, participating in co-curricular activities?
3. About how many hours do you spend in a typical 7-day week doing the following: grading papers, teaching undergraduate students in class, preparing for class, advising students, research and scholarly activities?

WSU has participated in FSSE in 2005 and 2011.  Results for both administrations are listed below:


The College and University Professional Association (CUPA):

The College and University Professional Association for Human Resources(CUPA) develops annual salary data  reports for faculty, adminisitrators and “mid-level” administrators.  Faculty information is available by rank, discipline, and institution-type.  The two administrative reports include salary information by position and institutional types.  Information for the last 3 years is available upon request from the Office of Institutional Research.