Student Reports

Office of Institutional Research



Enrollment Characteristics 20th Day

This report, developed by the Office of Institutional Research, is a snapshot of all students enrolled at the 20th Day (Census Day) of every semester. Information is shown for the past 10 years for each term. Information includes students by college, by class, by residency, student type, etc.


Student Credit Hour (SCH) Enrollment

A report developed by the Office of Institutional Research which provides drop-down capability from the college level through subject and from college to course level.


CSRDE (Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange) - Annual Collection of Retention and Graduation Rates


Kansas Community Colleges: Tracking New Transfer Students

A report developed by the Office of Institutional Research designed to track the success of transfers from Kansas Community Colleges by reviewing year-to-year retention and graduation rates. It includes new transfers from fall semesters 2003-2009. Cohorts are grouped by cumulative transfer hours.


Degrees & Certificates Awarded by Fiscal Year - College, Department, Level

A report developed by the Office of Institutional Research which provides drop-down capability from the college level, department, and degree level. 


The Integrated Postsecondary Education System (IPEDS)

The Integrated Postsecondary Education System or IPEDS, is operated by the National Center for Educational Statistics.  Aggregate information is collected from all colleges, universities, and technical/vocational schools that receive federal student financial aid.  Copies of WSU's annual reports for the 2011-12 collection are available in PDF form upon request. No individual student information is collected as part of IPEDS. The following surveys are part of the annual data collection:

Fall enrollment
Completions or numbers of degrees and certificates awarded by area of study
12-month- enrollment
Human Resources:  Detailed aggregate information about faculty and staff
Student Financial Aid
Graduation Rates
Graduation Rates 200 percent

For more information go to the following website:  http://nces.ed.gov/ipeds

Various comparisons of information with other universities are available through the IPEDS Data Center.  The Office of Institutional Research would be pleased to assist faculty or staff in obtaining such data.


The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) is a survey of freshmen and senior students developed and now managed by the NSSE organization located at Indiana University. The survey is conducted in spring semesters with over 700 colleges and universities participating in 2011 alone.  Using about 85 questions, the instrument asks students about two areas of engagement.  First, students are asked about the amount of time and effort they spend on class work and “…other educationally purposeful activities.”  They are also asked their opinions about how the university “…deploys its resources and organizes the curriculum and other learning opportunities to get students to participate in activities” that are important for learning.  See the NSSE website for additional information. http://nsse.iub.edu/html/about.cfm

WSU has participated in NSSE seven times beginning in 2002.  The last administration was in 2011.  A summary of the results for the last three administrations are provided below.  For additional information, please contact the Office of Institutional Research.



The Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA)

The Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) is a performance assessment program developed and operated by the Council for Aid to Education, a nonprofit organization.  The CLA has two tasks. First, the "Performance Task" assesses analytical reasoning, problem-solving, and writing skills through a series of questions related to realistic, but hypothetical, scenarioes.   Second, students are asked to "Make an Argument" by supporting or rejecting a position on an issue or "Critique an Argument" by evaluating a stated position on an issue.  Details may be found at  CLA Website:

Aggregate results from the WSU administrations of the CLA are available upon request from the Office of Institutional Research.

WSU presentation for the University Assessment Committee: